Pembrokeshire Summer Bucket List

By Kristina Gore St Davids Cathedral Pembrokeshire

As a holidaymaker, I’ve spent many a fun-filled, action-packed holiday in Pembrokeshire but like many others, I’ve also been guilty of falling into the same routine, visiting the same attractions and scheduling the same activities year after year.

Whilst there’s nothing wrong with doing what you enjoy, it’s sometimes easy to forget the endless list of alternative activities that Pembrokeshire has to offer.

This month I have been lucky enough to relocate to Pembrokeshire from Greater Manchester after joining the Bluestone Team. Since this will be my first full-summer spent in Pembrokeshire, I am determined to break the holidaying-habits of a lifetime and experience some more of the various delights that Pembrokeshire has to offer.

I’m going to need a bucket list!

1. Bosherton Lily Ponds

It often surprises people to hear that I haven't yet visited this well-known, tranquil attraction in Pembrokeshire. This will need to be rectified ASAP!

Lily Pond
Discover the Ponds

2. Kayaking

It’s hard to imagine a better way of exploring the 186 miles of breathtaking Pembrokeshire coastline. (A minor detail of course, is that I will first need to learn how to Kayak!)

Kayaking in Pembrokeshire
Kayaking and Paddle Boarding

3. Caldey Island

This aloof little Island, pristinely maintained by Cistercian Monks has always been a source of intrigue. A boat trip to Caldey Island therefore comes in at number three on my list.

Caldey Island Aerial View
Discover Caldey Island

4. Geocaching

Already a hobby of mine, finding and creating Geocaches is a fantastic way to explore an area and leave your own special mark by signing a log to say that you've found the cache.

5. Surfing

Something to get the adrenaline going! I will be saving this activity for a day when I’m feeling brave.

Surfing in Pembrokeshire

6. Archery

One of the activities that I am most excited to try at Bluestone!

Take Aim

7. Photography

I’ve dabbled with photography in the past but the idyllic landscape of Pembrokeshire has provided me with a new source of inspiration and I can’t wait to get creative.

Bluestone View 

8. St Davids

I'm expecting big things from Britain's smallest city!

View the Cathedral

9. Freshwater West

This summer, a trip to one of the locations used to film "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" is a must for me.

Freshwater West
Find out More

10. Blue Lagoon Water Park

An afternoon spent on the slides and lazy river in the Blue Lagoon will be the perfect way to spend a rainy-day this summer.

Blue Lagoon exterior
Visit the Blue Lagoon

11. Make Welsh Cakes

Because quite simply, who doesn't enjoy a welsh cake?!

Welsh Cakes
Welsh Cake Recipe

This bucket list is of course just a starting point. There are hundreds of exhilarating activities and stunning locations that I plan to work my way through whilst in Pembrokeshire.

If you have any suggestions for my bucket list, I would love to hear from you!  Share and comment on our Facebook page to offer your advice!



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