Pembrokeshire Walks

By Laura Mackenzie Walking Boots

This week is National Parks Week and here at Bluestone we’re proud to call the UK’s only coastal National Park home!

While you don’t have to walk the whole 186 miles of breathtaking coastline, there are shorter walks you can enjoy! The whole route passes through 58 beautiful beaches. There are plenty of pretty harbours and quaint towns to explore too!

On your travels you may even be lucky enough to spot some of the varied and fascinating wildlife we have here!

With all this on offer, we thought we’d take a look at some of the many stunning walks we have surrounding us.

Walk 1: Amroth

A short walk where you can enjoy the vast Amroth Beach, famous for a drowned forest where you can even see the remaining stumps at very low tide. Toilets and parking are available and you can also enjoy refreshments overlooking the beach at one of the cafes or pubs.

Finding Amroth

Miles from Bluestone: 10
Time to drive from Bluestone: 22 minutes
Walk Length: 3 miles
Nearest Postcode: SA62 8ND
Toilets available: Yes
Parking available: Yes

Full details:

Walk 2: Bosherston Lily Ponds

Take a stroll around beautiful Bosherston Lily Ponds, a relatively easy walk with lots of surprises!

Part of a major landscape project in Georgian and Victorian times by the wealthy Cawdor family, to enhance the surroundings of their elegant baronial mansion.

Picturesque Broad Haven South beach can be discovered along the route, a lovely sandy surprise.

Lily Pond
Finding Bosherston Lilly Ponds

Miles from Bluestone:
Time to drive from Bluestone: 35 minutes
Walk length: 1 mile
Nearest postcode: SA71 5DR
Toilets available: Yes
Parking available: Yes

Full details:

Walk 3: Stackpole

A varied walk which includes lakes, woods, beaches, dunes and cliffs.

Due to the variety of the walk it’s great for wildlife spotting as Stackpole is one of Wales’ bountiful nature reserves.

The walk starts and ends at pretty Stackpole Quay where parking and refreshments are available. It also passes through the beautiful Barafundle Bay beach which has been listed as one of the Top 12 beaches in the world!

Stackpole Quay
Finding Stackpole

Miles from Bluestone: 17
Time to drive from Bluestone: 34 minutes
Nearest postcode: SA71 5LS
Walk length: 6 miles
Toilets available: Yes
Parking available: Yes

Full details:

Walk 4: Abereiddi - Blue Lagoon

An accessible shorter walk where you can visit a deep flooded quarry where the slate gives the water a beautiful deep blue colour. Popular for organised group Coasteering and the Red Bull Cliff Diving Competition you can watch people jumping into the flooded quarry!

There’s also a beach, toilets and parking. The Blue Lagoon, a famous local landmark is also one of the reasons for the name of our own Blue Lagoon Waterpark.

Finding Abereiddi

Miles from Bluestone: 25
Time to drive from Bluestone: 45 minutes
Nearest postcode: SA62 6DT
Walk length: 0.3 miles
Toilets available: Yes
Parking available: Yes

Full details:

Walk 5: Martin’s Haven to Nolton Haven

A longer varying walk which covers 6 bays. There are pubs, cafes and beaches galore en-route. The route covers the following havens:  

Martin’s Haven: A north-facing rocky cove which is the embarkation point for trips to the seabird sanctuary of Skomer Island.

Martins Haven

St Bride’s Haven: A pretty little rocky cove. The small beach is a pleasant place to swim or paddle and to explore the rock pools.

Little Haven: A small cove where roads from 3 directions steeply drop towards the water’s edge.

Little Haven

Broad Haven: Generally calm and popular with families, it can also be popular for surfing, windsurfing and sailing.

Broad Haven

Druidston Haven: The beach is popular for bathing and is wide and sandy. When the tide is in, the gorgeous golden sands can’t be seen from the road, but its charm unfolds as you descend the steep path down into the cove.


Nolton Haven: A small sheltered cove with a nice sandy beach. The outlines of the two headlands which close the narrow bay resemble faces looking across the beach at each other, can you spot them!?

Finding Martin’s Haven

Miles from Bluestone: 23
Time to drive from Bluestone: 44 minutes
Nearest postcode: SA62 3BJ
Walk length: 14 miles
Toilets available: Yes
Parking available: Yes

Full details:

Walk 6: Solva – The Gribin

Solva is a small pretty coastal village set in a deep, sheltered inlet. The pretty Solva harbour is full of small boats, which ground at low tide. The Gribbin, a rocky headline, allows for a spectacular view of the coastline.  

Finding Solva

Miles from Bluestone: 22
Time to drive from Bluestone:
37 minutes
Nearest postcode:
SA62 6UU
Walk length:
1 mile
Toilets available:
Parking available:

Full details:

For a full list of Pembrokeshire walks and guide visit;

Safety first! Always stay on the coast path and take care, especially in wet and windy conditions. Stay away from cliff edges and make sure you take suitable warm waterproof clothes and walking boots.

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Barafundle beach
Celebrating National Parks Week 2016

We’re celebrating National Parks Week 2016 here at Bluestone, set within the beautiful Pembrokeshire National Park, the UK’s only coastal National Park!