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How to be the Ultimate Pokémon Go Trainer at Bluestone Wales

FINALLY, we can play Pokémon Go in the UK! If you hadn’t already heard, it’s the newest release from Nintendo, you might remember playing Pokémon Red or Blue on your Game Boy colour 15 years ago, or maybe you had Pokémon Diamond or Pearl on a Nintendo DS 9 years ago?

Whether you’re a Pokémon newbie or a season trainer, you’ll definitely want to download the new Pokémon app to your smart phone.

It can be a bit of a confusing game to start with, so we’ve put together a handy guide full of hints and tips to all budding Trainer’s, and how Bluestone itself plays a part in the game! Before we get started, to play the game you need a relatively strong internet signal via GPRS, 3G or 4G, it won’t work with wifi!

1) How to get Pikachu as your starter Pokémon

As with any Pokémon game, you get the chance to choose who you want as your starting companion. The options given are Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur, but naturally everyone wants a Pikachu! We’ve found a way... keep walking away (in real life) from the selection of starter Pokémon until your phone vibrates. Do this a few more times, usually around 4, and the Pikachu will appear on your screen. You can now catch him!

Pokémon Go at Bluestone

2) Catch everything you come across!

Unlike previous Pokémon games, it actually pays to catch as many little creatures as you can, regardless of whether you’ve already got one in your Pokédex. You get paid ‘Candy’ if you sell them back to the Professor, which can be used to evolve the Pokémon you want to keep.

3) Find out how easy a Pokémon will be to catch!

By holding your finger on the Pokéball before you throw it, it will come up with a coloured circle. Green means it’s an easy Pokémon to catch, orange means medium and red means hard. The circle will change in size as you hold it, the smaller it is when you release the ball; the more likely you are to catch the Pokémon.

Pokémon Go Outdoors at Bluestone 

4) Turn off the Augmented Reality

Although it’s really, really cool to see a little Pokémon standing in front of your house, it actually makes it harder to catch any! By turning it off it makes the game more stable, so you can be further on your way to catching them all!

5) Find Pokémon in their real life habitats!

This is one of the really clever aspects of the game – you’re more like to find a Horsea or Goldeen in the Bluestone Lake compared to on the Nature Trail! Make sure you get out and explore lots of different areas to find the rarest Pokémon.

Pokémon Go at Bluestone With Bleddyn 

6) Egg hatching – don’t cheat!

You know us, we’re all for getting out and exploring the outdoors, and this is finally a game that will encourage people to do that. So don’t find a hack to hatch that egg, walk the 10km, explore somewhere new and if you’re lucky enough to be at Bluestone, enjoy the beautiful countryside!

7) There’s a battery saving mode – use it!

As with any real time game using your data, Pokémon Go can completely drain your battery! As well as activating battery saving mode, turn off vibrations, sound effects and music. Don’t forget to turn your brightness down too!

8) How to Battle

Once you reach level 5 you will get to choose a team (most of us at Bluestone are Team Instinct) and you may enter the gym. It’s a good idea to check out what types are in the gym before you enter to set your team up.

This strategy is key in order to win battles. Don’t forget more than one of you may enter at the same time to help defeat the gym.

Once you choose your best 6 Pokémon and the game begins tap the screen to unleash a normal move, or hold down your thumb or finger to build power for a special attack. Don’t forget to swipe left and right to dodge attacks!

Here is a list of which Pokémon are effective against others:
Bug Type

Good against: Grass, Psychic, Dark
Bad against: Fire, Fighting, Poison, Flying, Ghost, Steel

Dark Type

Good against: Ghost, Psychic
Bad against: Fighting, Dark Steel

Dragon Type

Good against: Dragon
Bad against: Ice, Steel

Electric Type

Good against: Water, Flying
Bad against: Grass, Electric, Ground, Dragon

Fighting Type

Good against: Normal, Ice, Rock, Dark, Steel
Bad against: Poison, Flying, Bug, Ghost , Psychic

Fire Type

Good against: Grass, Ice, Bug, Steel
Bad against: Water, Fire, Dragon, Rock

Flying Type

Good against: Grass, Fighting, Bug
Bad against: Electric, Rock, Steel

Ghost Type

Good against: Ghost, Psychic
Bad against: Dark, Steel

Grass Type

Good against: Water, Ground, Rock
Bad against: Fire, Grass, Poison, Flying, Bug, Dragon, Steel

Ground Type

Good against: Fire, Poison, Electric, Rock, Steel
Bad against: Grass, Flying, Bug

Ice Type

Good against: Grass, Ground, Flying, Dragon
Bad against: Water, Ice, Fire, Steel

Normal Type

Bad against: Fighting, Ghost, Rock, Steel


Good against: Grass
Bad against: Poison, Ground, Rock, Ghost, Steel

Psychic Type

Good against: Fighting, Poison
Bad against: Psychic, Dark, Steel

Rock Type

Good against: Ice, Fire, Flying, Bug
Bad against: Fighting, Ground, Steel

Steel Type

Good against: Ice, Rock
Bad against: Water, Fire, Water, Steel

Water Type

Good against: Fire, Ground, Rock
Bad against: Water, Grass, Dragon

Make sure you pop along to either the Blue Lagoon or Camp Smokey to try defeat our Staff held gyms!

We’re lucky enough to have a variety of different habitats around us here at Bluestone, and we’re very excited that for the first time they aren’t just home to real life creepy crawlies!

The big kids at Bluestone HQ have enjoyed getting back into the world of Pokémon, which I think is down to the amazing surroundings we have around us!

Pokémon Go in a mug 

Why not treat yourself to a summer break at Bluestone, you never know; maybe Pembrokeshire holds the key to the wonderful and rare Pokémon that can’t be found in the towns and cities of the UK!

The Blue Lagoon is a gym, every attraction on park is a Poké stop (where you get free items!) and I’m sure there will be the chance to meet lots of other Poké fans out and about on your travels around the resort!

Don’t forget to let us know what you’ve caught and spotted around the resort, on our Facebook or Twitter page!

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