Questions To Ask Your Children About Christmas

By Kathryn Slade Kingdom of the Elves 2016 Elf Toy

Children say the funniest things! We want to know what your children think about Christmas. We asked Poppy aged 4 and a half the following to see what she said. Ask your children the same questions and share them with us on Facebook for the chance to win one of five Kingdom of the Elves toys in time for Christmas!

How many reindeers does Father Christmas have?

What would you really like for Christmas?

I wish my Daddy was bigger than Mummy. I would also like to be a grown up, a downstairs toilet and a chocolate lolly maker.

How does Father Christmas fit down the chimney?
He climbs down and then slides down on his bum.

How does he deliver the presents if you don’t have a chimney?
He’ll climb through the door instead.

What does Father Christmas do for the rest of the year?
He makes the presents and ties bows on them too.

What is your favourite thing about Christmas?
Father Christmas gets me toys.

What treats do the reindeers like?
Carrots and a drink called Coca-Cola.
What is Father Christmas’ favourite thing to eat?
A cake and those grey things with the wrappers on (also known as Mince Pies)

Have you ever seen Father Christmas?
YES! In the house at Christmas time downstairs- he had a red coat on and a white beard!

How old is Father Christmas?

Why do people put trees up inside at Christmas time?
Because Father Christmas will be surprised!

When should you put up your Christmas Decorations?
15th November at Christmas Time.

Which is your favourite reindeer?

All of them because they can fly and Santa shouts “Giddy Up” to them!

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