Reflexology at the Bluestone Well Spa Retreat

By Kathryn Slade Well Spa

Searching for relaxation inspiration? Then look no further. On your next Bluestone break, book some time out at our Guest Exclusive Well Spa Retreat and try one of our brand new treatments.

Introducing Reflexology...

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a treatment that is completely tailored to your individual needs. It takes into account all aspects that might be affecting your wellbeing and works to restore balance to mind, body and soul. Its roots can be traced to Ancient Egypt, with pictographs in tombs dating back to 2500BC, and the complimentary therapy has developed through the years. In 1915 Dr Fitzgerald developed the concept of zone therapy, and claimed to ease certain symptoms by applying pressure to the hands, mouth, and feet. Eunice Ingham developed the “Ingham Reflex Method of Compression Massage” in the 1930’s. This taught that all parts of the body could be treated by applying pressure to relevant areas of the feet. She mapped out the reflex points and developed the pressure massage moves we use to stimulate reflexes today.

Your Reflexology Treatment at the Well Spa...

When you arrive at the Well Spa, you will be asked to fill in a consultation form. This will help our therapist to know what it is that you are looking to achieve from your treatment, as well as letting us know of any medical conditions that we may need to be aware of. You can then get changed into your swimwear, wrap up in your soft robe and start unwinding in the Spa’s thermal suites. You have two hours to spend here, so leave plenty of time to head to the spa before your treatment. When it’s time for your treatment your therapist will meet you in Caffi Môr, where you’ll also find complimentary refreshments.

Once in the treatment room, your therapist will talk through your consultation form with you. You’ll then make yourself comfortable on the treatment couch, and your therapist will start with a cleanse to the feet. The therapist will then use their hands to apply pressure to the feet. You may feel a slight crunching feeling during the treatment, but the experience is very relaxing. After your treatment, take some time in our Sanctuary before returning to the resort and be sure to drink plenty of water.

What are the benefits?

Reflexology is designed to bring healing where you need it most so the benefits will be unique to every individual.

Other benefits include:
• Increased energy
• Improved circulation
• Improved sleep
• Induces a deep state of relaxation
• Quicker recovery time after an injury or surgery

It can also be used as a treatment for migraines and sleep disorders. Is Reflexology suitable for me? Reflexology is a perfect treatment for all ages, if you have any questions before you book be sure to phone our Reservations Team on 01834 869400. If you are already on the resort then call into the Well Spa and speak to one of our therapists on reception.

To find out more about the other treatments that we have on offer at the Well Spa, including our new Wellness Massage, take a look at our treatment menu. If you are overdue a getaway then why not have a look at our range of Spa Breaks, there’s something for everyone.

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