Serendome - Adventure Dome Facts

Intrigued to find out more about how Serendome took shape? Here's a few facts about our brand new adventure dome, what it took to construct and how it will benefit Pembrokeshire.

✓ Length - 116m 

✓ Width - 77m 

✓ Height - 5m from ground level around perimeter, 22m from internal floor at highest point 

✓ Floor area - 7000sqm 

✓ Roof / air filled pillow area - 8000sqm 

✓ Estimated concrete to groundwork - 2000m3

Serendome by Numbers


✓ 30956 nuts 

 ✓ 27280 bolts 

 ✓ 45988 washers 

 ✓ 39899 screws 

 ✓ 8000m2 ETFE surface area, 16000m2 in total


kicking water

✓ Extra headcount employed directly by Serendome - 55 

 ✓ Local economic benefits (over a 10 year period) 

 ✓ Wages & salaries – direct Serendome staff £9.10M 

 ✓ Wages & salaries – additional Bluestone staff £3.25M 

 ✓ Local supply chain growth - Serendome purchases £6.52M 

 ✓ Project construction cost £8.5M 

 ✓ Total benefits over 10 years £21.63M


If this isn't enough, come and take a closer look at the UK's biggest umbrella on a Summer Break!

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