Six benefits of a UK summer holiday

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You don’t have to fly to exotic corners of the globe to capture a sense of adventure, indulge in escapism or make unforgettable family memories.

Have a year off the stress of the airport and the sense of dread at hauling children onto a plane for hours on end. Instead opt for a ‘staycation’ for your family summer holiday this year, the moment you realise the many benefits for a break in the UK will leave you feeling liberated. Here’s a few reasons why.

The beaches

Yes, the idea of nestling in a hammock on a tropical beach many miles from work, home and modern life has a certain appeal. But what if we told you that all of that is possible without leaving our shores? Because right here in the UK we’re inundated with beaches that are the envy of people the world over.

Tenby beach

In Wales alone there are dozens of Blue Flag beaches including plenty in Pembrokeshire - from golden sands to surf Meccas and glistening clear waters. Try the big beaches near Bluestone for easy to access, family-friendly fun or explore a little further to find one of the hidden coves that shelter Pembrokeshire’s many secret beaches.

The culture

If you’re hoping for a break where you can trace the steps of ancient footsteps and uncover the past, the UK’s rich heritage is a door to another time.

Pembrokeshire is littered with grand castles - some ruins, some wonderfully preserved - that hark back to forgotten times. Explore the coast’s picture postcard towns and villages for tales of pirates and smuggling that swell with places to eat and drink, venues to enjoy and attractions never to forget.

Carew Castle Pembrokeshire

Bluestone’s own Serendome opens this summer and the UK’s biggest umbrella will house a unique amphitheatre with performance that will enthral and entertain all ages.


Have you ever thrown yourself off a cliff and swum into a cove only the seals and fish inhabit? If not, you’ve never tried coasteering, just one of the unique adventures Wales has to offer. Fly down world-renowned zip lines (like Bluestone’s Sky Wire), climb mountains, walk the breathtaking Pembrokeshire Coast Path (the only Coast National Park in the UK) or climb through the trees in our Steep Ravine.

Child in the forest at Bluestone

For younger ones, their first adventures at Bluestone will be immersed in nature as we guide them through the wonders of the great outdoors. It will guarantee a good night’s sleep and a record low screen time!

Food and drink

It’s impossible to underestimate the gastronomic revolution that’s undergone in the kitchens of the UK’s network of quirky pubs, excellent eateries and gourmet restaurants.

Feast on produce from our shores and sample some of the finest seafood the world has to offer - food exported around the globe. Here in Pembrokeshire we’re proud of everything from our unbeatable fish and chips to the Welsh chefs creating dishes that will tingle the tastebuds long after it’s left your lips!


At Bluestone our collection of restaurants, cafés and classic pub will have you well covered with a variety of delicious options while Pembrokeshire’s growing culinary scene is well worth exploring. And our ice cream is to die for!


Girl playing at Bluestone

Freedom to do what you want. Freedom to stay a little longer, to play a little harder, to rest a little sweeter. Don’t be fenced in by the boundaries of the package holiday excursion - instead follow the Bluestone motto , Free Range Fun. Do it to your schedule, no-one else’s. The freedom to do what you like, hop in the car and just go away for a short break is extremely liberating.

The weather

Bluestone in summer

Yes, the weather. The Great British Summer isn’t something to run away from - glorious long sunny days with sand between your toes and dreams between your ears should be savoured. And if it happens to not be agreeable for a day or two, then attractions such as Bluestone’s Serendome, where the outdoors comes indoors, gives you no reason to not embrace a staycation this summer.

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