Snow Place Like Bluestone

It can be beautiful. It can be fun. It can cause you all manner of problems. And sometimes it can be so cold it actually hurts. 

People have been known to comment that Bluestone, largely because of the architectural style of the lodges I think, has the feel of an Alpine ski resort, and that resemblance was stronger than ever this week, when, like most places in Wales, Bluestone found itself swathed in a thick white blanket.

Operationally, the biggest problem it caused was that it prevented some staff getting into work on time, but with some shrewd redeployment and a typically can-do attitude among the staff who did make it in, it was largely business as usual.

In fact, in some ways, it was even better than usual because we were able to dig out the tubes that we had for Christmas, and provide our guests with a fun (and free) activity that few would have been expecting.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to have go at the tubes, but I did get to spend an enjoyable hour wandering around with a camera. I’d always imagined that Bluestone would look particularly picturesque in the snow, and so it proved, though most of Tuesday’s snow had melted away by late afternoon.

Typical isn’t it? It arrives in a picturesque flurry, promising fun and excitement, though there’s always a little worry at the back of your mind. It turns everything upside down, then, just as you were getting used to it, it’s gone and unlikely to be back for a while.


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