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So I bit the bullet on Saturday, after the girls in the office kept raving about how incredible The Well Spa Retreat’s hot stone massage is – I just had to try it for myself. I’m not usually into spas as I find them generally intimidating, usually with a beautiful cold receptionist to accept you into a world of beauty and perfection (in my imagination anyway), but seeing as Bluestone is my work place I decided that I needed to overcome my fears – and of course enable myself to get involved in the conversations based around how incredible our spa facilities are.

So, I snuck down to the Bluestone village on Saturday afternoon and took a power walk on down to the spa. I was kindly greeted by the lovely Sammy, the friendly smile along with blissful scents of essential oils that filled the room was enough to put me immediately at ease. I was seated in the cosy waiting area where I filled out my consultation form before grabbing a copy of the latest Red magazine, before I could get into the editor’s letter I was collected by my spa therapist who was very sweet. She welcomed me into the cosy treatment room lit by scented candles and filled with calming sounds. A warm foot soak awaited me. I slipped my tired tootsies into the bowl while the therapist took some time to find out what I was hoping to get from the treatment and we discussed any areas of discomfort or tensions I experienced regularly or just over the recent weeks. I always have tight shoulders, despite my best efforts to sit straight at my desk, as the day wears on I inevitably end up hunched over my screen – I could probably do with an eye test too – but we’ll save that discussion for another blog.

Zoe then massaged a different essential oil into each of my forearms and asked me to choose my favourite. I think the idea behind this is that your intuition decides best which essential oil you need. Not having a great sense of smell anyway, I found the two quite similar and so I went with the left which turned out to be an energising oil, over relaxation – sounded about right for me on the day. The massage itself was perfect. The warmth of the hot stones felt so indulgent – like the best hot bath ever! I struggled not to fall asleep, in fact I may have drifted off a couple of times (hopefully I didn’t snore at all...eek). Overall, I can honestly say that I am a spa convert, I didn’t feel intimidated once and I was left feeling completely refreshed afterward, so I’m glad I gave it a go and will definitely be trying out a facial next as skin care is another barrier I need to knock through as I notice fine lines creeping their way across my forehead. Can’t wait for my next visit.

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