Spooky Pembrokeshire

By Kristina Gore Witch

Have you driven on Britain’s Most Haunted Road?

With our Bwbach Festival now in full swing, we’re celebrating all things spooky at Bluestone and what better way to celebrate than by retelling the stories of some of Pembrokeshire’s most notorious ghosts? Our special thanks to the Paranormal Chronicles who have allowed us to share some of their spine tingling research in this series of blogs.  

Who’s ready for a ghost story? 

In Pembrokeshire, there are hundreds of dark, winding roads that seem befitting of any good ghost story but there’s one in particular that strikes fear into locals and has earned the title of “Britain’s Most Haunted Road”. 

Between Haverfordwest and Milford Haven lies the A4076. By day, it resembles any other rural road but by nightfall, its peaceful visard is rumoured to take a sinister turn. Legend has it that along this isolated road, a lonely figure stands in the shadows, waiting for unsuspecting drivers to pass by.  Any person, who sees the stranger but dares not stop and offer them a lift will look into their rear view mirror and see that the haunting stranger is now sat behind them, ready to inflict a terrible curse.

According to the Paranormal Chronicles, there have been a number of documented encounters with this spook although actual reports do tend to vary from the legend. Some drivers claim to have felt a severe drop in temperature along the road, whilst others claim to have seen a brick wall suddenly appear in front of them, only for it to vanish again as soon as they’ve driven closer to it.  

Despite the varying experiences, there is one story that seems to reoccur with spooky similarity to other victims’ accounts. Perhaps most chilling of all is that one of our own staff members claims to have had a similar experience whilst driving along the A4076.  The story goes a little like this: driving along the dark country road, the driver tends to notice a dark figure, hidden amongst the shadows of the hedges. Just as they’re about to pass the figure, the spook will suddenly dart across the road, causing the driver to slam on their breaks and in some cases, their car to shudder as though they’ve hit something. Then, as the driver gets out of their car to check if the stranger is ok, they’ll be shocked to find that the shadow has disappeared without a trace!

Of course there are more logical reasons to explain the strange happenings along the A4076; poor lighting, nocturnal animals and reflections from street signs are to name a few. Whatever you choose to believe, if you do ever pass the strange figure without stopping, try to avoid looking back through your rear view mirror! 

All credit to the Paranormal Chronicles for the research and accounts mentioned in this blog. To find out more about the Paranormal Chronicles, please visit www.theparanormalchronicles.com

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