Spring Wildlife To Spot Around Bluestone in May


Spring is in full bloom and the warmer weather is causing quite a change to the wildlife that lives on resort. After a relatively mild winter and the promise of warmer weather in the last half of the season, there are lots of signs of spring to spot on your visit. 

Here’s a few you can look out for! 

Beautiful Bluebells 

bluebells at bluestone national park resort

Bluebells are definitely the star of the month and can be found in hedgerows and woodland all round resort. To see the beautiful flowers in all their glory, journey down to the ruin of Castell Coch, where you can find them along the hollow ways and in the woods near to the iron age fort. 

New Life at the Lake 

If you head down to the lake, you’ll find the banks bursting with life. 

ducklings at bluestone national park resort

Ducklings, Moorhens and Little Grebe chicks can be found along the edge of the lake as they take the first few steps in life and it’s magical to see them in their natural habitat. While our ducks are pretty friendly, the Little Grebe’s are much more secretive and harder to spot, so it’s worth taking your time and having a closer look. 

moorhen and chick

If you take a look into the water you’ll see new signs of life too – tadpoles! Don’t fall in, but if you tread carefully you can clearly see them in the shallow edges of the lake.  

Summer Visitors 

Swallows and housemartins collecting nesting material at bluestone national park resort

Some other feathered friends you can spot around the resort will be Swallows and House Martins. 

The migrating birds will hopefully have arrived at Bluestone by May, ready for a summer in Pembrokeshire and will be busy building and repairing their nests. Make sure to look up when you’re walking to and from your lodge, as many of their homes can be found there. 

Fluttering Friends 

orange tip butterfly

You can spot many beautiful butterflies around resort during May, but a sure sign of spring is the appearance of the distinctive Orange-tip that can be found dancing around woodlands and gardens from April to July. 

holly blue butterflies

Also look out for the Holly Blues, an early spring butterfly with beautiful pale silver-blue wings spotted with pale ivory that usually fly from March to May.

Spot wildlife around resort and learn more about the beautiful National Park during a visit to Bluestone this Spring!




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