St David’s Day Fun Facts

By Kathryn Slade St Davids Cathedral

On the 1st of March, Wales will be celebrating the life of our Patron Saint, David. Saint David is especially important to us here in Pembrokeshire as he was believed to have been born in our magical Welsh county and founded his monastic community, in the city that now bears his name.  

So to get you in the spirit for the St David’s Day festivities here are 10 interesting facts about St David and his day of celebration.

Wales' Patron Saint:

1. St David’s Day or Dydd Gwyl Dewi is a celebration of St David, the patron saint of Wales.

2. It is celebrates on the 1st of March as that is the date that he died in the year 569. It is said that he predicted this date in his earlier life.

3. Saint David founded a Celtic monastic community at Glyn Rhosyn (The Vale of Roses) on the western headland of Pembrokeshire, at the spot where St David’s Cathedral stands today around 25 miles from Bluestone.

4. During his life David is said to have performed many miracles. The best known happened in Llanddewi Brefi when he was preaching to a large crowd. The ground on where he was stood rose up to form a small hill so that everyone could see and hear him and a white dove, which became his emblem, came and rested upon his shoulder.

5. It is believed that Saint David lived to be over 100!

6. The shrine of Saint David was declared so important that two pilgrimages here were the equivalent of one to Rome and that three were equal to one to Jerusalem.

Shrine Of St David
7. St David’s is a city as it has a Cathedral; it is the smallest city in the UK.

8. Saint David is also the patron saint of doves and poets.

9. A legend says that Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, was told of Saint David’s birth 30 years in advance by an Angel.

10. David was declared a saint in 1120 by Pope Callistus II.

If you want to learn more about Saint David and the corner of Wales he called home, visit us at Bluestone where we love to celebrate our Welsh heritage and even have a lodge named after him!

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Dewi Sant

Across Wales children will be singing these words with glee on the 1st of March as the country celebrates the life of our Patron Saint, David or Dewi.

Happy St Davids Day
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