Staff Christmas Crafternoons at Bluestone

By Laura Mackenzie Christmas Wreath

We’re in full Christmas mode here at Bluestone but it’s not just the guests who are joining in the Christmas spirit. Every Wednesday leading up to Christmas some creative staff at Bluestone will be unleashing their craft skills at a weekly Christmas Crafternoon session! 

We love encouraging wellness here and initiatives like this are a great way to meet staff from other departments and get creative.

Christmas Wreath Frame

These sessions are open to all staff to attend within work time. Crafters can switch off from their day to day tasks and have a chance to get creative, and socialise with other staff too. 

Our resident Chief Crafter Alison Harris, had this to say: ‘My escape from the norm is to sit and lose myself in crafting and channel my energies into doing something creative. I find it is beneficial for my mental health and it’s a way I can practice being mindful. It is also really rewarding to do an activity and end up with something beautiful for my efforts. For me to be able to use my experience in crafting with other staff members to enhance our wellbeing programme at Bluestone is fantastic!’

This week, the group made some beautiful Christmas wreaths. This involved tying strips of festive coloured fabric around a wire wreath frame. Laura Mackenzie, Digital Marketing Executive said ‘It was great to spend some time away from the desk, having a giggle with colleagues and making something easy which looks very festive hung up at home!’

Christmas Wreaths

In the coming weeks, we have tree decorations and Christmas cards to make, and in the final week we’ll be making some Santa plates ready for the big man on Christmas Eve!

Christmas Decorations

Vanya Rose, People Services Manager said, ‘We are very proud of our ever growing wellbeing programme at Bluestone. We actively listen to the ideas our staff come up with and following some light research into the benefits of crafting as a means of a therapeutic tool, we felt this was something we easily could offer. 

As well as helping to provide a therapeutic outlet for our staff and an opportunity to learn new skills, we are also raising money for charity. Everyone who attends the sessions is asked to make a small donation which will go to Mind and our own charity, The Bluestone Foundation; this has been really well received. I look forward to seeing how this initiative develops in the future.’ 

Other staff wellness activities include netball, rugby and wellness reviews which give advice on fitness and healthy eating. 

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