The Art of Remembrance

By Megan Tapper VC Gallery

The VC Gallery and its members have been out and about over the past few months visiting places of military interest to inspire a collection of artworks in time for Remembrance Day. The artworks will be put on display at the VC Gallery’s upcoming exhibition, The Art Of Remembrance, which takes place Friday 7 Nov at The Coffee Cave in Haverfordwest.

The VC Gallery is a charitable organisation based in Haverfordwest that helps veterans and the community through the medium of art engagement. The group, which is led by Barry John MBE (an artist and former Royal Welsh soldier who served for 24 years), visited a number of significant places in Wales to gather inspiration, knowledge and insight with which to create the art pieces.


With help from The Bluestone Foundation, the group has so far visited Pembroke Dock Defensible Barracks, Brecon Regimental Museum where they had a guided talk, Angle Fort, Pembroke Military Cemetery, Brecon Cathedral and Heritage Centre, Sunderland Trust Museum, Royston Hopkins Art Exhibition in Fishguard and WW1 War Artist John Piper’s gallery.


In addition to the visits, The VC Gallery has used the funding from the Bluestone Foundation to host art workshops for various vulnerable groups in the community.

Barry John MBE said: “With assistance from the Bluestone Foundation the VC Gallery has been able to engage with new members of the community in need, veterans and disabled groups, young and the vulnerable and even the elderly.


The Gallery has also been able to train up two volunteers with the West Wales Mental health Team with the support that the BF has given as well as work with many different groups in the community on art workshops.”

View the military inspired artworks and meet members of The VC Gallery at The Art of Remembrance Exhibition which opens 7pm on Friday 7th November at The Coffee Cave, 24 High Street, Haverfordwest.


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