The Benefits of Escaping to a Relaxing Forest

By Kathryn Slade Friends Walking In Woods

"Here's your prescription, walk in the forest five times a week for an hour."

According to a recent US study your Doctor could soon prescribe you fresh air to help cure problems. The study found that immersing yourself in nature might ease the mind by reducing rumination where negative thoughts get stuck on repeat.

Brain scans done by the team at Stanford University showed reduced activity in an area of the brain linked to risk of mental illness in participants who took a 90-minute walk among oaks, birds and squirrels.
Squirrel In Forest

Here at Bluestone we have plenty of all of those things with our own forest land for exploring and adventuring through! It’s not just Stanford University who are saying how good being in the fresh air is for you, a study conducted in 24 forests across Japan found that walking among trees lowered blood pressure, pulse rate, and levels of the hormone cortisol, which is released in response to stress.
Walkway Into The Forest

With a break to Bluestone you can fully immerse yourself in the fresh air with all the added benefits of 500 acres of beautiful countryside to explore. Take the
nature walks through the forest and learn about the wildlife that calls it home on your way around.
Fallen Forest Tree

There are so many ways to make the most of the location and the outdoors here. Our local historian Terry John knows a lot about the area and its rich history join him on his history walk and learn as you walk.

At Bluestone we believe that children grow best with plenty of chance for adventuring and learning in the outdoors. Here they can go pond dipping and take part in bug hunts and learn about the smaller things that share Bluestone with them.
Camp In The Forest

As well as the greenery we have 50 beaches in Pembrokeshire meaning that there are miles and miles of golden sands to walk on and 186 miles of the Pembrokeshire Coast Path to walk along. With fresh sea air and beautiful views there is plenty of chance for Sand Strolling and Forest Bathing with a holiday at Bluestone National Park Resort.
Camp Smokey Through Forest Trees

If you have been inspired to take a relaxing forest break at Bluestone then why not check our latest prices and availability?

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