The C Word

By Megan Tapper Elf Christmas Tree

It’s mid October so by now you’re surely seeing the C-word everywhere you go.

The C-word? Why, Christmas of course.

Innocently you pop to your local supermarket and you’re ambushed with towering boxes of shiny chocolates, foil-wrapped festive animals and the obligatory ‘Christmas versions’ of everything. Stick a bit of snow on the packaging - et voila, Christmassy.

Not to mention boxes and boxes of mince pies, teasing us with their sweet deliciousness. It’s October – surely I can’t eat a mince pie in October? All kinds of wrong!

The cardboard boxes of packaged green plastic trees line the walls of the hardware shop like six-foot reminders: You have to start thinking about Christmas. Christmas is coming.

All sounds a bit ominous when you put it like that, doesn’t it?

Well, I’ve been thinking about this on my recent shopping trips. I reckon, rather than rolling our eyes at the vast shelves of robins and reindeers watching you from the card aisle and those gift sets that seem to close in on you in the chemist, we should be glad of these early-Christmas-purchase opportunities.

We all know what it’s like when we approach December. All of a sudden we wonder where on earth the year went. Two minutes ago we were on the beach in our shorts and having barbecues. Now it’s December and the panic sets in: “ARGH! I haven’t bought any presents yet!”. Meanwhile, your less-than-impressive bank balance seems to gloat at you from the screen of your banking app.

Why not make like your local supermarket and get in there early? Imagine the relief as your friends and colleagues frantically traipse the high street at 7pm for last minute pressies, all your gifts are beautifully wrapped and ready to go.

All the tasty treats and festive tipples are sat patiently in your kitchen cupboard waiting to be opened because you, the frugal clever clogs that you are,  bought them ages ago – before they were ramped up to twice the price. How positively sensible!

By the time Christmas Day rolls around, both you and your bank balance are positively smug – no elbowing fellow shoppers in the aisles as you scramble for the last bottle of baileys. I’m going to start planning ahead and stocking up for the big day now. Just need to put those choccies on the very top shelf so I don’t open them before Christmas...


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