The Legend of Roch Castle

By Terry John Calendar

Roch Castle, a fortified tower standing on a spur of rock overlooking the village after which it is named, is the subject of an eerie legend.

During the 13th century, Adam de la Roche, a Norman nobleman, had a strange dream in which he saw himself being bitten by an adder. To his horror, in the dream the bite proved fatal, yet he also dreamed that he could avoid that doom if he lived in safety for a year. He set about building Roch Castle, and created a set of rooms for himself at the very top of the fortress, where he could live without ever venturing out.

A year passed by and Adam began to feel that he was after all going to be safe. Unfortunately, the winter was cold and his rooms at the top of the castle were buffeted by icy winds. To ensure his comfort, each day firewood was placed in a basket, which he hauled up by means of a rope. One day an adder slithered into the basket as it lay upon the ground and when Adam pulled up the basket and put his hand into it to retrieve some wood, he was bitten. His dying shrieks echoed through the surrounding countryside and it is said that they can still be heard on cold, windy nights.

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