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By Kathryn Slade Little Princess Trust
Bluestone Employee donates 15 inches of hair to The Little Princess Trust!

Bluestone National Park Employee Jamie Smith has been growing her hair for a year and a half. She braved the scissors and had 15 inches cut off which she will donate to The Little Princess Trust.

The Little Princess Trust was launched 10 years ago by the parents and friends of Hannah Tarplee. Hannah was sadly diagnosed with a Wilms tumour, during Hannah’s treatment she lost her hair and her parents Wendy and Simon struggled to find a high quality wig for her to wear because she was only a child.  

Hannah passed away in 2005 after a brave battle. After this her parents decided to launch a charity which was dedicated to providing specialist real hair wigs especially for children.

“I read about The Little Princess Trust online and really wanted to be able to help, so I decided to donate my hair to the cause and raise money for the charity at the same time. My hair grows quite quickly so I am hoping that in a year, or two, I will be able to donate more help to make these brilliant wigs as it is such a great cause! ” Jamie said.

The whole of the Bluestone Team are really proud of Jamie’s efforts and hope that she can reach her goal and be able to entirely fund the wig that her hair will be made into for a little Princess or Prince!

Jamie SmithLittle Princess Trust 

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