The Mermaid of St Dogmael’s

By Terry John St Dogmaels Mermaid

2017 is the Year of Legends here in Wales, we are working with Visit Wales to celebrate the rich culture, heritage and history of our amazing country.

Pembrokeshire is home to many wonderful myths and legends, we have enlisted Bluestone’s resident historian Terry John to tell these brilliant stories so that they will continue to be told for generations to come.

The Mermaid of St Dogmael’s 

One day during the 18th century, a young fisherman named Peregrine was casting his nets into the waters off Cemaes Head, in north Pembrokeshire, when he saw a movement amongst the rocks of the nearby cliff face.

Steering his boat a little closer, he saw a mermaid perched on a crag, combing her hair. She was so absorbed in her task that she did not sense his approach until it was too late. Peregrine swiftly cast his net over her and pulled her from the crag into his boat.

His triumph was short lived as the mermaid wept bitterly at being captured and begged him to let her go. He was reluctant to do so, but agreed only when she promised to give him three warning shouts at the hour of his greatest danger.

Pulling her free from the net, he placed her back into the sea and watched sadly as she disappeared beneath the waves.

The mermaid of St Dogmael’s 

Many weeks passed by and there was no sign of the mermaid. Then, one still summer day, he was fishing again off Cemaes Head when the mermaid suddenly appeared beside his boat. “Peregrine! Peregrine! Peregrine!” she called. “Take up your nets and go. Take up your nets. Take up your nets!”

Peregrine immediately did as he was bid and headed back to shore. Within minutes the sky darkened and a violent storm arose. Many other fishermen were drowned that day, but Peregrine was saved by the mermaid’s warning.

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