The scariest stories from haunted Pembrokeshire

Haunted forest

Here at Bluestone we're lucky enough to live in one of the most beautiful corners of the world.

But even the most stunning of surroundings can hide spooky secrets.

As Halloween approaches, we take a look at the myths, legends and scary stories that have terrified the people of Pembrokeshire for generations.

Don’t let it put you off visiting!

The terrifying Hwch Ddu Gwta

Haunted figure

For centuries the people of Pembrokeshire have feared bumping into this huge black beast with red eyes, that seized souls to carry off to the underworld.

Hwch Ddu Gwta translates as the ‘Tailless Black Sow’ and it’s said that if you run into it there’s no escaping its clutches.

It was thought to have haunted the banks of the stream near Narbeth, just down the road from Bluestone. 

It terrified local people to such an extent that after dark no-one would cross the bridge that spanned the stream.

One brave local, full of alcohol after an evening session at a tavern, decided to ride his horse fell-pelt across the bridge in defiance of the story.

Just to be certain of not seeing the beast he kept his eyes closed and his head down as he galloped towards the crossing. Unfortunately the horse missed the bridge completely and fell into the river, throwing him into the icy waters.

When he surfaced, spluttering and gasping, there was the beast on the opposite bank, glaring straight at him. Terrified, he fled on foot back to the safety of the tavern, his screams waking people in every house he passed. It took him many months to recover from the shock and he never again ventured out during at night.

The pack of phantom hounds

Haunted house

This horrifying snarling group of ghostly hounds would usually appear each year on Halloween night, staying until Easter.

They came during storms, appearing from gaps in the clouds and racing through the skies while howling above the noise of the gale.

When they reached one of the Iron Age hilltop forts near Haverfordwest they circled above it before heading off to find innocent souls to feast on.

The ghost of Lady Joan Mansell

Halloween ghost in the forest 

Lady Joan Mansell was feared for her cruelty and selfishness by all who lived in South Pembrokeshire. After her death she could still be spotted travelling at high speed in her carriage across the countryside between Tenby and Bosherston.

The horses pulling the carriage were all headless, as were the two coachmen and Lady Joan herself. As they reached Samson’s Cross a mile from Bosherston, the group would disappear in a flash of flame.

The UFO of Broad Haven

Broad Haven beach

One of the most famous UFO sightings in the UK took place just over 40 years ago in the quaint little village of Broad Haven, on the west coast of Pembrokeshire

In 1977 a class of pupils from Broad Haven Primary School said they spotted a UFO in a field near their playground.

It sparked a wave of sightings for the rest of the year, leading the area to be dubbed the Dyfed Triangle.

The pupils described seeing a silver "cigar-shaped" craft with a "dome covering the middle third” and said they had “a strange desire to run away".

They were separated and told to draw what they saw. Oddly, they all drew the same.

Two months later, a hotel owner in nearby Little Haven described seeing an object which looked like an "upside-down saucer" and two "faceless humanoid" creatures with pointed heads in silver suits.

She said so much heat came off it, her "face felt burned”. When she visited the field she said there was "two inches of burned grounds".

Years later, a local businessmen revealed he had been walking around the area in a silver suit in 1977 as a prank and US Navy sailor said the figure was probably a member of US military personnel wearing their standard fireproof uniform and the UFOs were new Harrier jets flying over.

Britain’s most haunted road

Ghost on the road

The A4076 between Haverfordwest and Milford Haven looks fairly unremarkable country road by day.

But by night it takes a sinister turn. Some say they see a mysterious figure in a 1930s-style raincoat lurking in the shadows waiting to be picked up. If you see him but not stop then legend has it he will magically appear fun your car sat behind you. There was a reported fatality on the road in the 1930s.

According to the Paranormal Chronicles, some drivers claim to have felt a severe drop in temperature along the road, whilst others claim to have seen a brick wall suddenly appear in front of them, only for it to vanish again when they get close.

The most common tale is noticing a dark figure, hidden amongst the shadows of the hedges. Just as they’re about to pass the figure, the spook will suddenly dart across the road, causing the driver to slam on their breaks and in some cases, their car to shudder as though they’ve hit something. Then, as the driver gets out of their car to check if the stranger is ok, they’ll be shocked to find that the shadow has disappeared without a trace.

The ape of Carew Castle

Carew Castle

Carew Castle is said to be haunted by several people, but it’s famous for being spooked by an animal - a Barbary ape from North Africa.

It was kept by Sir Roland Rees in the 17th century when one day his son eloped with the daughter of a local merchant.

Sir Roland was so angry he set his ape on the father of the woman. Miraculously, he survived - and cursed Sir Roland to suffer the same fate.

The next Sir Roland was found dead, his throat ripped out, and no sign of the ape. The animal was never found but to this day there have been many reports of terrible sounds emanating from Sir Roland’s old chamber in the north-west tower.

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