Try the alternative gym at Bluestone

By Kathryn Slade Autumn Family

Even when we’re on holiday some of us still like to find the time for a work out. At Bluestone we are lucky enough to be home to an amazing natural gym, full of fresh air and brilliant views!

What’s even better is that it’s free and you can explore and use it however you like.

Here are some ideas to get you started!

1. Head out for a run. The changing terrain on our nature trail means your body gets a harder work out; it can help to enhance the strength of the connective tissues which can help you build up resistance to certain types of injury.

Friends Walking In Woods

2. Turn exercise into family time during your holiday. Hire some bikes and head off along the local trails, you could set up a rounder’s pitch and have a game, or even play in our new park together. You’ll soon work up a sweat chasing your children around and pushing them higher and higher on the swings!

family cycling on Bluestone Resort

3. Use the boardwalk for timed runs. Sprint up to the top, relax on the way down and then get back to the top again as fast as you can.


4. It’s not always sunny and still in Pembrokeshire, but running in the wind offers a great workout. You’ll burn more calories if you’re running into a headwind, and a tailwind can speed you up whilst strengthening your larger muscle fibres so it’s win, win!

Check out Buzby Bee and Huwie the Hedgehog having a run around the resort!

Woody Wilds Running

5. Cardio machines in the gym are great but repeating the same action over again can lead to an injury or strain. Walk a lap of the entire resort instead and do your best to power up any hills that you meet on your journey!

Family Walking By Lake

6. Try a fitness treasure hunt. Make a list of things you’ll see on your journey and every time you come across them do 10 bodyweight exercises. For every buggy you see you do 10 squats, and for every rabbit you’ll need to do 10 push ups. It’s a really fun way to mix up your exercise regime!

Rabbit in field of bluebells

What’s even better is that these all happen outside rather than in a sweaty gym! There is even research to suggest that exercising outdoors is more enjoyable, increases energy and boosts general wellbeing.

Give it a go during your Bluestone break and remember if you work too hard you can always head to the Well Spa for a well deserved massage or simply to unwind in the thermal suites.