Unidentified Swimming Object spotted off the Coast of Pembrokeshire

Mermaid Spotted off the coast of Pembrokeshire 620

Scientists, sea enthusiasts and lovers of everything shiny are heading to Pembrokeshire, after a mermaid was allegedly spotted off the coast.

While they might usually live in myths and legends, a family of holidaymakers are convinced they saw the mystic creature and even managed to get a picture.

The Fibbs family from Northampton were on their way to Skomer Island during their holiday at Bluestone, when their youngest son, Tom aged 9, spotted something out of the ordinary swimming alongside the boat.

April Fibbs, Tom’s mother told us, “We booked the boat trip as seeing the Puffins on Skomer has always been on my bucket list. It’s one of the reasons we booked our holiday to Pembrokeshire, actually, and so I was delighted to hear that there are record numbers on the island this year.

We hadn’t long left Martin’s Haven and had been lucky enough to spot a few seals bobbing in the water. Then Tom spotted something through the binoculars. He started waving frantically and pointing out a “mermaid” in the water. We were all laughing because Tom’s famous for his foolery but then we spotted it too.”

“The fins were far bigger than the seals and when they came out of the water we could see they were purple in colour with a beautiful green shimmer. She had the most beautiful face with long flowing hair too!  My husband Fuller had his camera ready for the Puffins and managed to get a quick snap of her tail before she disappeared into the sea with a splash.”

“We couldn’t believe our eyes! I’m so glad we managed to get a quick video because otherwise no one would have believed us.” said Mr Fibbs.

“As soon as we got to Skomer we showed the Warden who said something similar had been spotted earlier in the week but they hadn’t managed to catch it on camera! We came to Bluestone for their Myths and Legends Festival and can’t believe we saw what I’d always thought of as a Myth in real life!”

Skomer Warden Burt Watcher who has been volunteering at the island for the last 5 years said, “There are many murmurs of mermaids around the county at the moment and our marine team are excited by this new photo evidence from the Fibs. It may take us one step, or should that be fin, closer to being able to confirm their existence!”

The image of the fin has been sent to the Government’s Department of Myth and Legends for verification; though the Fibbs family are convinced they’ve snapped the first live image and are hoping to make contact with their friend again.

Reactions to the news in the local area have been mixed, with one anonymous source admitting to Bluestone it doesn’t come as a complete surprise: “Some strange things have been happening in the last few days, my wife even spotted some Knights at the services on the M4 and a large pirate ship flying Black Bart’s flag has been seen near Milford Haven too.”

Unfortunately we're not quite sure the Fibbs family were telling the truth as it's April Fools! Whilst there might not be mermaids off the coast of Pembrokeshire, there are a whole host of Myths and Legends for you to enjoy during your Bluestone break this spring! 

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