Value Independence Set to Create a Buzz at Bluestone

By Megan Tapper Value Independence Team

On Friday we welcomed our friends from Value Independence to Bluestone to give them the chance to familiarise themselves with the resort and to decide where they are going to build the first of six Bug Lodges -  providing a habitat for all manner of insects, invertebrates and small creatures.

Value Independence, a group which provides community-based support to adults with learning difficulties and disabilities in Pembrokeshire, are kindly building the insect habitats at various points around the Bluestone resort.

Bug Lodges are large, layered structures made with recycled materials such as wooden pallets, cardboard, old leaves, hollow plant stems, pots, plastic bottles and rubble. Based on a design provided by the Wildlife Trust, (take a look here) the multifaceted structures will be home to such creatures as bees, spiders, ladybirds, centipedes and even frogs.

Scanning the lakeside area for the perfect place, members of the group suggested a few areas that the Bug Lodge could be placed. After a show of hands, it was voted that the first Bug Lodge should be built beneath one of our towering oak trees by the lake. The day was rounded off with a picnic in the autumn sun with chit chat all about this exciting project.

Sam Warden, director at Value Independence, says: “Our members can’t wait to get started on building the Bug Lodges at Bluestone. Not only is this project great for the local biodiversity and environment, it’s a quality learning experience for our members, a chance to gain new skills, build confidence and of course, enjoy themselves in the process.”

The project is being funded by The Bluestone Foundation to encourage biodiversity and conservation as well as providing a point of educational interest for our guests - we can’t wait to see the finished Bug Lodges in all their buzzing, chirping, creepy-crawly glory!

Value Independence will return to Bluestone every Friday for the next five or six weeks until the Bug Lodges are complete. We’ll keep you updated on their progress every step of the way!

Image shows Value Independence members: Guy Thomas, William Tribe, Mikey Lewis, Kristian George, James Crowley, Josh Brown, Peter Holloway with director of Value Independence Sam Warden and staff members Scott Bennett, Jack Woods, Terenne Smith and Frankie Evans. Also pictured are James McNamara (Leisure Services Manager) and Liz Weedon (Resort Manager and Oversees the Bluestone Foundation).



The Bluestone Foundation was established to help people to help themselves through environmental, economic and social projects in Pembrokeshire.

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