Visiting Bluestone as Grandparents

Family at Camp Smokey

It was with some trepidation that we accepted an invitation from our son Fraser to join him and his partner Keeley, plus our two grandchildren Tyler and Ivy, at Bluestone for a week in May.

We had never visited the place, and envisaged a hectic week trying to entertain our grandson Tyler and help look after our newly born granddaughter, Ivy.

But within hours of arriving on the Monday, any concerns we had evaporated.

Our (Grassholm) Lodge was in superb condition, with a nice grass area out the front where we were able to sit and enjoy a drink while Tyler played with his toys.

Grandparent and Baby  Grandparents Outdoors

We ventured down to the Knights Tafarn that night for dinner, but not before visiting the outdoor play area located in the village.

Grandparent and Grandchild at Park

 It was a lovely, relaxed atmosphere as children played amongst each other, and there was even another park nearby if Tyler fancied a change of scenery!

The pub itself supplied good food, and on the way home we both visited the resort shop. It proved worthwhile – we picked up food and drink at a surprisingly reasonable price.

We had gorgeous sunshine the following day, and as we are both keen walkers, this was perfect for exploring Bluestone and the various trails that took you through the woods and fields.

As we walked to Camp Smokey, we noticed how little things had been planted on and around trees for children to look at along the way. Tyler was transfixed and we thought this was a lovely touch.

The Camp itself was exciting as we watched people testing themselves on the high ropes course, and it was lovely, after eating, to be able to toast marshmallows for Tyler (and ourselves) on the fire!

Also impressive was the nearby toilets with baby changing facilities, as otherwise, changing Ivy would have meant a long walk back up the hill!

What struck us most as we ventured around either by foot or golf buggy – was the lovely atmosphere throughout the resort.

The Staff were extremely friendly all week, and went to great lengths to return my coat after I had left it in the Adventure Centre shortly after we arrived.

Given the time of year, the majority of families had young children or grandchildren like ourselves, and it was lovely to see parents and children alike mixing in the play areas.

Later in the week sunshine gave way to rain, but this made zero difference to our levels of enjoyment.

The Blue Lagoon water park was brilliant for all of us. We took turns in looking after Ivy in the vast viewing gallery and seating area, and Tyler was more than content to play in the children’s area - but jumped for joy when we took him into the main pool to sample the wave machine.

The changing areas were spacious and there were enough family rooms and lockers to accommodate everyone, even at peak times.

The soft play area in the Adventure Centre was another huge plus point, and Tyler didn’t need his parents or his grandparents to help entertain him as he happily made his own way around!

Although he was too young to sample the larger indoor adventure area, we couldn’t help but peer in and be impressed with how much there was in there to offer young children – and we are already excited about the prospect of bringing both grandchildren back when they are big enough to use it!

Even on our final day on Friday, despite an early check out, we were able to use the facilities until the afternoon, which meant another swim, and it was fitting that we bumped into many families we had seen throughout the week – who like us, were sorry to be leaving.

So our fears about a frantic week before we arrived were completely misplaced. We found Bluestone friendly, relaxing, and regardless of weather conditions, full of things to do. Our only regret is we did not take the option of hiring bikes for a day.

It was great to see Tyler so happy and my son and Keeley able to relax, even with little Ivy.

Overall, we had a family week that as grandparents, we were able to really treasure.