Whats on at Bluestone 2019 Winter Lights Festival

By Kathryn Slade winter lights

We have exciting news for you all, our Winter Lights Festival is returning for 2019! 

‘Winter Lights’ is a magical experience, created to brighten the first months of the New Year.

Our Entertainment for this season is based on the magic, the mystery and the wonder of light. Best of all, this magical journey is available, free of charge, for you to enjoy at your leisure on every evening of your stay.

As well as our usual array of activities you’ll also be able to enjoy a range of craft sessions which are exclusive to our Winter Lights break.

To end your stay, every Thursday and Sunday in the heart of the Bluestone Village we host our very own Winter Lights Festival and it’s a chance for your family to showcase their creations from your time with us. Join our Light Parade, enjoy light garden games, live music and dancing- whatever the weather.

Here’s a sneak peak of what you can expect to enjoy on your first family break at Bluestone in 2019.

Proudly presenting your Winter Lights Journey...

Merlin’s Light Show

Welcome to the mystical village of Bluestone, home of Merlin and the Great Oak tree. Every 30 minutes (during set times of each evening) prepare to be enchanted with excitement expanding your imagination ready for what’s to come.

At the base of the old oak tree you will see wizarding willow in the shape of Merlin with his staff weaved from the roots through the branches. This scene depicts the old welsh myth of two tales combined as Merlin intertwines with the legend of the Lady of the Lake. 


The Lady of the Lake craved timeless existence and, with profound beauty, and it is said she enticed Merlin to fall madly in love. Under the spell of her charms she tricked Merlin to confess to her all of his secrets and all that he had learned.

Then, using his own magic against him as he rested beside an old oak tree, the roots and branches twisted and turned trapping him within for a spell of a thousand years. However, as the spell of a thousand years nears to an end witness the ever growing power of the most famous welsh wizard and be sure to look to his staff for…

“Each time the staff doth light, witness wonder of the night”

Enchanted Trail

Along the ancient and beautiful woodland path, behold an immersive and interactive adventure. Witness the wonders of illume and discover the stories within…

There is a tale to be told… but you are the storyteller to tell it!

Dwarfed by gigantic tulips, you wind your way along the forgotten lane to the entrance of enchantment. You’ll arrive at the once beautiful gateway of yesteryear, where now only their glowing ruins remain. Scramble through and you will find yourself surrounded in an oddity of fading colour as beautiful coral and bubbles sprout from the ground, bowing and waving softly in the breeze.

Along the entire path are gentle, musical sounds reminding you of where you are as chimes, exotic insects, distant pixie towns and magical wild life all mix into the magical cacophony.

The whole trail is washed in pools of coloured light, illuminated trees and fairy lanterns to guide you along your adventure with glowpods are pulsing, feeding on moon beams towards the end of the ultra violet garden.

From the forest canopy hangs a spinning curtain of leaves that twist and twirl creating psychedelic morays of magic. Across the valley someone, or something, is cultivating an allotment full of sparkling fruit and veg.

Winter Lights

As the wood trees yawn and burp, squirrel burglars are out nicking nuts, and crackling fires burn in mid-air. ‘Beatrice’ the marvellous giant snake goddess sings lullabies to the trees as she coils and curls among the branches. Up in the tree tops there will soon be a birthday party, as the Princess prepares for the guests to arrive.

Spy a crafty fox teaching cubby boy the foxy facts of life. Cross the rickety bridge and follow the bubbles to witness frogs at busy at work on the water mill, they push leavers and pull knobs. Hop to it frogs! Next door is ‘Theatr Dyded’, the old man of the woods, he tells tales of ancient stories of Dragon’s flight and fire. Peep in to join in with the fun.

‘Giant’s footsteps’, a craggy craig at the bottom of the valley is a pixie village. It is a hustle and bustle of a village, houses, shops, a pub, toy shop and pixie gold mine. There are always secrets and surprises in a magical place such as this so take a careful look to see what you can spy.

Above is the troll’s washing line with freshly laundered undies… sort of. If you venture any further and they may gobble you up! Turn around quick, before it’s too late!

Listen for the echo of bird siren as this will mark the route home, beautiful rainbow finches sing in harmony with the other forest creatures.


Into the dark wood; a howl of owls whispering fowl, a fox in the den using brushes and pens and an ugly bug ball with beetles and cawl.

Carry on up the eerie luminous path to spy a glowing garden from another world with mushrooms, flowers and butterflies shining without light.

To return for the magical world of illume follow the light of the giant oak tree, she is the oldest, largest and wisest being in this realm. Gaze at her woven maze of kris cross branches that offer shelter for some, food for others and beauty for all.

Exit and make your mark by capturing your family image within the frame, dream up your very own tale and share your dreams with us.

Being a Free Range resort, naturally, we want you to be able to enjoy the sights and sounds of the Nature Trail, however, our friends over in Health & Safety (they’re nice really) have been in touch and they wanted us to make you aware of the following!

So please:

  • Enjoy the Enchanted Walk in your own time and pace.
  • Remember that the paths are outdoors so please wear suitable clothing and footwear.
  • Keep to the trail for your own safety and to protect the woodland.
  • The trail includes some uneven surfaces so take care.
  • Do not touch any lighting or electrical equipment.
  • We advise you to bring a torch.
  • Parental supervision is advised in this area.

If you’re yet to book your break to experience our Winter Lights Festival, then what are you waiting for? With room for the whole family in our luxurious self catering lodges, take a trip to Pembrokeshire and discover the magic together! 

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