What's Swimming In Bluestone's Lake?

By Owain Betts Bluestone Lake Dolphins

Guests at Pembrokeshire's Bluestone National Park Resort have been left puzzled by several sightings of unusual activity at it's countryside lake.

What looks like a pod of dolphins have been spotted making waves in recent days at the luxury short break destination near Narberth.

"It's puzzling. We've had several reports of what looks like dolphins at our inland lake where we normally see people pond dipping, racing rafts or splashing about in kayaks," said a spokesman for the resort.

Bluestone Lake Leaping Dolphin

"But to see the fins of what looks like a pod of dolphins is quite unusual and has caused a lot of interest and speculation among the guests. We expect waves at the Blue Lagoon water park, but not so many in the lake."

The lake sits close to Bluestone's private village and Well Spa Retreat, below some of its luxury lodges and cottages.

A photograph caught what looks like dolphins fooling around in the water on Tuesday, the day before 1st April.

"We're investigating what they are and how they've managed to get into the inland lake. You expect too see them off the Pembrokeshire coast but not so far inland," added the spokesman.

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