Which activity you should try according to your star sign

By Kristina Gore

With so many activities to enjoy at Bluestone, it can be difficult deciding which to try next. To offer you a helping hand (and just for a bit of fun), we’ve tried to predict your new favourite activity based on your star sign. Let us know what you think! 


(21st March – 19th April) 

Characteristics: Spontaneous, daring and natural leaders. 

Activity: Spear Throwing. 

The first sign in the zodiac - Aries are natural-born leaders who use their warm energy to inspire others. Who better to pave the way by being the first to try our brand new activity for 2019? 


(20th April – 20th May) 

Characteristics: Practical, proud and persevering. 

Activity: Willow Workshop. 

A typical Taurus will revel in the challenge of our Willow Workshop. Their practical skills will flourish as they craft a seasonal creation, before giving it the debut it deserves at the Village Parade and Festival. 


(21st May - 20th June) 

Characteristics: Intelligent, witty and fun-loving. 

Activity: Smokey Joe’s Shindig (Available: 16th February – 3rd November 2019) 

Activities don’t get more fun than this - Smokey Joe’s Shindig will suit a Gemini’s playful personality down to the ground as they party with Smokey and Digger in the heart of our beautiful Steep Ravine. 


(21st June – 22nd July) 

Characteristics: Generous, intuitive and protective.

Activity: Blue Lagoon Water Park. 

The first water sign in the zodiac will feel right at home in the Blue Lagoon. Cancers can take their pick of activities from zooming the flumes, relaxing in the Lazy River or splashing in the wave pool. 


(23rd July – 22nd August) 

Characteristics: Courageous, bold and loves being the centre of attention. 

Activity: Sky Wires. 

Showcasing their bravery as they zoom through the trees – this activity was made for Leos! They’ll love the attention from fellow guests who point and watch in excitement from the Steep Ravine below. 


(23rd August – 22nd September) 

Characteristics: Caring, organised and high achievers. 

Activity: Pub Quiz. Only a strong team captain can lead the group to victory in the Tafarn’s pub quiz! They’ll need to be organised, clever and a great team player... They’ll need to be (you guessed it) - Virgo! 


(23rd September – 22nd October) 

Characteristics: Gracious, fair-minded and sociable. 

Activity: Family Raft Wars. A fun team activity where they’ll meet other families is perfect for a sociable Libra. Their fair-minded outlook means they’ll make friends easily, and no one falls into the lake more gracefully when their self-built raft doesn’t work! 


(23rd October – 21st November) 

Characteristics: Passionate, ambitious and very competitive.

Activity: Woodland Warrior. Being a good Woodland Warrior takes passion, skill and a need to succeed – all traits that are wonderfully encompassed by Scorpios. The red and blue teams will be fighting to have them on their team, before the real game has even begun! 


(22nd November – 21st December) 

Characteristics: Adventurous, energetic and curious.

Activity: High Ropes. 

Climbing, scrambling and swinging through the trees will be the perfect outlet for Sagittarius’ adventurous and energetic nature. Their curiosity will also be indulged as they learn how to navigate the obstacles. 


(22nd December – 19th January) 

Characteristics: Responsible, driven and very strong-minded. 

Activity: Spa Treatment. 

Being so fabulously driven can really take it out of you! Capricorns will love indulging in some well deserved rest and relaxation at Bluestone’s Well Spa where they’ll choose from a list of decadent treatments and leave feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the world. 


(20th January – 18th February) 

Characteristics: Intuitive, independent and in touch with nature. 

Activity: Historical Walk. 

Our Guided Historical Walk will quench an Aquarius’ thirst for knowledge and see them discover areas of Bluestone that some guests never think to go. 


(19th February – 20th March) 

Characteristics: Sensitive, imaginative and kind. 

Activity: Enchanted Winter Lights Walk (Available: 7th January – 28th March 2019). 

Pisces’ sensitivity to their surroundings and brilliant imagination will have them fully-emerged in the magic of Bluestone’s Enchanted Walk. Due to their kind and gentle nature, Pisces will be especially popular with the fairy-folk who live along the trail.

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