Which Kingdom of the Elves Elf Are You?

By Megan Tapper elf

So now we know which elves will be leaving the North Pole to be with us this year, we've come up with a little quiz to help you work out which one is your kindred spirit...Which Elf are you?

baby names

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Elf Diary

Elf Englebert is Santa’s Chief Elf Advisor and he’s been told some very exciting news to pass onto the rest of the elves.

Santa's Workshop
Elf Diary 23 9 14

Elf Englebert sends us his weekly update since informing his team that some were to be dispersed to Bluestone for the Christmas Season.

Christmas Traditions And History

If you are visiting Bluestone during the Christmas period, expect something more than the usual festivities. This is because the staff have decided to revive some of the old traditions that were practised in Pembrokeshire in past centuries…and our ancestors had some quaint and unusual ways of celebrating Christmas.

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