Why a scarecrow is propping up the bar in the Bluestone pub

Clive the scarecrow at Bluestone

Say hello to Clive the construction worker, who’s been working hard at Bluestone after accidentally turning up at the resort six weeks early.

Clive had originally been hired to work during our Bwbach festival, which starts in September, when a host of scarecrows take over the resort.

Clive had applied to work as one of the resident scarecrows, hoping to hang out near the Lake in a bid to get passing families to have their picture taken with him.

Unfortunately, the ditzy scarecrow managed to mix up his dates and has actually turned up in July, long before Bwbach starts.

He persuaded us to let him stay in the meantime, in return for doing some building work on our SkyDome development near the Adventure Centre.

So Clive has been spending his days helping out on site as construction of the world-first £7million project gets underway, with its opening planned next summer.

Or at least, he's supposed to be. More often than not he can be found at the end of the bar at our resort pub, the Knights Tafarn.

Clive the scarecrow at Bluestone

A Bluestone spokesperson said: “We were happy to take pity on Clive given his rather challenging circumstances. Apparently it took him months to get here so it made sense to have him work if he was going to stay here.

“The only issue is that he seems a bit work shy, when we really need him to stick at it. Every time someone goes looking for him it turns out he's in the Knights Tafarn. It would appear he’s developed a taste for the Rev James ale they serve there.

"If he thinks he can get away with drinking on the job much longer, then he really is clutching at straws."

Clive the scarecrow at SkyDome

Clive said: “It’s so hot at the moment I feel like I need to stay inside otherwise I’m going to catch on fire! The Tafarn is nice and cool and I’ve marked out my own spot by the end of the bar. It really is a-maize-ing in there. I'd like to try the Farmhouse Grill as well - I hear their straw-berry sundaes are great.

"I'm really enjoying the work at the moment, I like construction - I definitely haven't picked the short straw. Usually I just hang around all day scaring off birds - though people do say I'm outstanding in my field.

“As for turning up in July rather than September, what can I say? Hay, I’ve got a brain made of sticks, after all!”

The Welsh word Bwbach translates to ‘little scare’ in English, hence why scarecrows are central to autumn at Bluestone. Find out more about our autumn breaks here.

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