Why You Should Try A Short Break In The UK

Skip the flight this year and choose a stress-free UK holiday in Pembrokeshire. The UK is one of the world’s top holiday destinations, so why not save yourself the hassle of flying abroad this year and enjoy a staycation instead?

 If you’re looking for a short break away in the UK you couldn’t pick a better place than Pembrokeshire. Whatever time of year, we’re always in holiday mode on the Welsh coast and with so much to enjoy it’s the perfect place for a break away without the hassle of traveling abroad. If you’re not convinced just yet, here’s a few benefits of a break in the UK you may not have considered. 

Easy to Plan 

planning for holiday

A UK break is much easier and simpler to plan. There’s no visa headache, inoculations, or need to change money before you go, and, rather than co-ordinating a hotel, flight and transfers all you need to do is make sure you’ve got accommodation and go! This means you can concentrate on the most important things – what you’re going to and what you’re going to eat! 

Avoid the Airport  


Whether it’s a smooth experience or you end up delayed for hours – there’s inevitable anxiety attached to flying abroad and a bad experience at the airport could end up ruining your whole holiday. Cramped planes, delayed flights and the headache of getting your luggage safely to your destination can all be avoided if you stay in this country. Simply hop in the car and you’re on your way. 

You even get to decide when and for how long you stop for a break, ideal with little ones. A break with us is even easier. We don’t even need you to get out the car to check-in, simply drive up to the Arrivals Lodge when you get here, and we’ll sort everything out before giving you directions to your new home for the week. It also means you can bring what you want! 

No Luggage Allowance

luggage at the airport

A headache for most travellers! When you stay in the UK there’s no reason to weigh your bags or pay extra charges just to get your own luggage to your destination when you’re driving yourself. As long as you can pack it in your car, you can bring as much or as little luggage as you want. 

 If you’re coming to Bluestone, there’s no need to fear about packing everything in one bag. We’ve got lots of space here so bring everything you might want or need without any worries. Our self-catering lodges are fully equipped with everything you might need for a break right down to the teapot. 

Be a tourist in your own backyard  

explore the UK

There’s so much to do in the UK that it’s easy to take it for granted. Rich in culture, history and adventure, there’s always something to enjoy and a break in the UK is a great way to appreciate and learn about your own community.

Pembrokeshire is a county brimming with adventure and with a fascinating past filled with so many stories to enjoy, you won’t be able to fit it all in one trip. At Bluestone we love to celebrate our local history and during our Spring Myths and Legends Festival, we bring the past back to life with a range of activities and entertainment. New for 2020 is our Spectacular Show Henge, which tells the story of the famous Preseli bluestones that form Stonehenge. 

Everyone can come 

It can be a nightmare trying to pick somewhere abroad the whole family can visit, but a UK break is easy for whatever shape or size of your family. 

Grandparents, young children, families with extra needs – it’s all just a little bit easier to organise and get everyone together when you’re staying in this country. At Bluestone our spacious lodges are ideal for group get togethers, with lodge options that sleep from two up to 14 – perfect for a break with everyone. 

It’s Flexible 

Flexible time

With no flight to catch you can take your time with your break and can take the car journey at your own pace, stopping when you and your family need. At Bluestone, regardless of your accommodation check-in time, all guests are welcome on resort to start their break from 11am on their arrival day and can stay on resort the day they leave until 3pm. 

Perfect for squeezing every last moment out of your break. 

You’re Never Too Far from Home  

car travel

Even on holiday, you don’t want to be completely cut off from home. A UK break means you’re only ever a car journey away and knowing you can easily return whenever you want can give you the extra peace of mind you need to completely switch off.

You can take advantage of all this on a weekend or midweek break at Bluestone where our spacious lodges and 500-acres of Pembrokeshire countryside are just a drive away.

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