Wildlife On Resort

One of the most pleasing, and perhaps surprising, aspects of the development of Bluestone has been the opportunity it has afforded to encourage wildlife in the area.

Baby badger
Intensively farmed for many years, the Bluestone site had been regularly treated with pesticides and fertilisers, and subjected to the various land and animal husbandry practices that are part and parcel of modern farming.

Indeed, having found no animals or eco-systems of special interest in the development area, a team of botanists from Cardiff University once described the site as an ‘ecological desert’.

Baby Owl 2
This meant there was an opportunity to develop something new and exciting on the land, and in the process, encourage and attract a much wider variety of wildlife and wildflower flora and fauna to the site.

While most of the original hedges and trees were protected during development, we have now planted close to 200,000 additional trees and plants.

Woody And Baby
Bluestone also bought the area of Planted Ancient Woodland (PAW) next to the site; an area of ancient woodland that was planted with nurseries of fir and other commercial wood crops for harvesting at a later date. By buying this woodland, we have been able to protect the whole area from clearance planned by the Forestry Commission for 2003.

This and other investment in more plentiful and enhanced habitats is already paying dividends, and you are now likely to see a wide variety of animals and certainly plants during a stay at Bluestone, as these pictures show.

Pie Tail Wag On Eggs


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