William McNamara Reaches The South Pole

This week Bluestone National Park Resort CEO, William McNamara, successfully reached the South Pole as part of a trek to raise awareness of the Teenage Cancer Trust and to raise £100,000 for the charity.

All of us here at Bluestone are very proud of his achievement. It was not easy and in a world where we’re all able to communicate and travel with ease we don’t necessarily realise just how extreme his trek unaided has been.

William McNamara of Bluestone National Park Resort at the Captain Robert Scott memorial at Cardiff Bay
After setting off from the UK on New Year’s Day, he spent the past three weeks reaching the glacier before embarking on his mammoth task. But last Sunday he finally reached his end goal – the South Pole.

It is also quite poignant that William was at the Pole to commemorate the arrival of Captain Scott 100 years ago to the day on 17th January.

Indeed, he celebrated the occasion at the official South Pole station where more than 150 people work on scientific and environmental projects.

William has been training for this for the past year and as well as raising awareness of the Teenage Cancer Trust, he saw it as a personal challenge.

“Because I wanted to raise a lot of money for the Teenage Cancer Trust and increase amongst other things the awareness of Bluestone, this sponsored walk was a high profile one from the word go. I have already done many of radio and TV interviews before leaving the UK and was conscious that if I didn’t complete this challenge I would have to come back with my tail between my legs and face the consequences,” he said.

You can find out more about William’s trek and donate to Teenage Cancer Trust by visiting www.90degreessouth.co.uk. All money raised will go directly to the charity which helps teenagers with cancer.

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