Winter Lights Overview 2018

Winter Lights

We’re very excited here at Bluestone because our Winter Lights Festival is returning between the 8th of January and the 22nd of March 2018! 

‘Winter Lights’ is a magical experience and to help fully emerge you and brighten the somewhat dreary winter months we have prepared this guide to show you what you can expect! 

Along with running the all time favourite sessions and activities, we have listened to a lot of the comments and feedback given to us by our guests. From this we have enhanced elements of what we do to make your stay this time of year more unique and bespoke. There are brand new craft activities designed around the lights of winter, where items you make will illuminate our winter lights parade led by an 11ft Merlin. 

Our Entertainment for this season is based on the legend of Myrddin Emrys, also known as the most magical welsh wizard, Merlin. You can enjoy a guest appearance from Merlin in our wonderful Ranger Show hosted in our village hall, or a spellbinding interactive Dinner Show with Merlin himself up in our Wild Woodland themed restaurant. 

There are new and improved “Pop-Up” entertainments featured around park so keep an eye out for those during your stay, or an ear they tend to make quite the scene! To end your stay, every Thursday and Sunday in the heart of the Bluestone Village we host our very own Winter Lights Festival. It’s a chance for your family to showcase their creations from your time with us. Join our Light Parade, enjoy light garden games, live music and dancing- whatever the weather.

In addition to all this seasonal fun, the icing on the cake is truly quite magical and is available free of charge to all of our guests and runs every evening of your stay! We present to you your Winter Lights Journey.

Merlin Tree

Merlin’s Light Show

We advise that your adventure begins with Merlin’s light show set in the village; the light show runs every 30 minutes (during set times of each evening) and will enchant you with excitement expanding your imagination ready for what’s to come. At the base of the old oak tree you will see wizarding willow in the shape of Merlin with his staff weaved from the roots through the branches. This scene depicts the old welsh myth of two tales combined as Merlin intertwines with the legend of the Lady of the Lake. 

The Lady of the Lake craved timeless existence and with profound beauty it is said that she enticed Merlin to fall madly in love. Under the spell of her charms she tricked Merlin to confess to her all of his secrets and all that he had learned. Then using his own magic against him as he rested beside an old oak tree, the roots and branches twisted and turned trapping him within for a spell of a thousand years. However, as the spell of a thousand years nears to an end witness the ever growing power of the most famous welsh wizard and be sure to look to his staff for…

“Each time the staff doth light, witness wonder of the night”

Enchanted Tale

At the end of the light show we encourage you to make your way toward the forest passing between Tŷ Coffi and the Barn, you will be faced with a towering tree and across the way you will see the following tale being inscribed onto the side of one of our homely welsh cottages. 

‘Imagine a badger making a cake,
Snakes & ladders with an actual snake.
Foxes fishing with a rod and a hook,
Owls in a library- reading a book.
Mice in trees juggling plates,
A scurry of squirrels on roller skates.
Frogs jumping on a trampoline,
Hares in coracles whizzing downstream’.

This is the tale of imagination, of the unknown and of our Enchanted Forest. Our forest is home to the Tylwyth Teg (Fair Folk of the Fairy Village). They have cast a magical spell and enchanted all the animals, trees and the surroundings. You will find the story come to life as you walk the trail and much more but brace yourselves for nothing is what it seems… or is it? 

Enchanted Trail

As you can see from the map the journey loops, as you emerge back out onto the path to the lake. The Fairy Village is off the loop slightly however please do not pass the ‘Giants washing line’ (you won’t miss it- trust us!) or you will no longer be on the journey.

The green alphabetized circles relate to the section below giving a little taster to what you will experience.

The yellow numbered circles relate to the elements you can interact with on the walk, you’ll find out more in a little bit! 

Begin your journey by entering the ‘Mystic Tunnel of Optics’, the tunnel is wrapped in moving, warping lights as you move to the woodland dimension. 

Once through, you are dwarfed by giant flowers 3 metres high, bowing and waving softly in the breeze. Along the entire path the gentle sounds of bamboo wind chimes, grasshoppers, chanting and trees growing can all be heard.  Around the path you’ll find pools of coloured light, illuminated trees and distant pixie villages which mark the trail and fairy lanterns guide you along your adventure.

Enchanted Trail

A. Snakes and Ladders

Marvel the tall rainbow coral slowly adapting their colours in the magical air. Shine your light and roll the dice, take a chance and ‘trust in me’. Oversized branched ladders surround you as you are dwarfed by a magical sssssssurprise… a 25 meter snake coiled around the crooked tree.

B. Juggling Mice

Glance to the treetops and witness the home of the juggling mice, you can only imagine what skills and tricks they are preparing inside. Perhaps a little further on you may get a glimpse. Along the path you’ll encounter the wall of dappled leaves creating interesting textures on the enchanted highway.

C. Badger Cake

Behold, a Badger making a cake! That’s not something you see every day. A Badger set in the bank, consisting of a door and multiple windows. Inside is a busy badger household preparing for a celebration with a most wonderful cake. Press the doorbell and watch the scene come alive.

D. Story Owls

Just below a curtain of leaves, wise old owls tell poems and stories high up in the trees. Press your ear to the poetrees and listen to the stories within. Be sure to keep an eye out as you wander to spy the crafty fox fishing for a silvery whopper in a quiet part of the stream. 

Also near here....

Peek into the Juggling Mice tree house for a snapshot of the life of a circus mouse as he practices his juggling skills, preparing for the Royal Pixie Winter Show. Practice makes perfect little Mouse. 

E. Fairy Village

Among the Giant’s footsteps at the bottom of the valley is a pixie village with houses, shops, a pub ‘The Gobbel Inn’, a toy shop and the famous pixie gold mine. The lights are on but nobody’s home. Can you spot the flutters of fairy light high in the trees?

Stay away from the trolls washing line. Those clothes may have been washed but they are still covered in snot. Any further and he may try to gobble you up. 

F. Hopping Frogs

After the washing line continue across the little bridge, release the panel to flow the water and see frogs jumping at work in charge of the water mill. Hop to it frogs!

G. Hare Whizzing

Catch a glimpse of our racing hare, flying downstream in his coracle! You’ll need to be quick- he’s hare today, gone tomorrow.

H. Skating Squirrel

To get home take the old abandoned path. Find the dome in a dome and engage the ‘Big Red Button’ to activate the roller skating squirrel. She will glide around and around in her own little world. (Caution: Strobe Warning)

I. Glow

Carry on to the dark wood; this is an eerie luminous path. Watch out for the spider’s webs and gigantic colour burst beetles! See and hear trees come alive as the magic washes over you. Be warned... you too just might glow! 

J. Bugs

Birdsong echo’s as Finches sing amongst the ultra violet plants and wildlife. The bugs are back! But what sound will they make this year?

As the glow diminishes and the enchantment spell wears off you are returned to the lakeside path. The journey can be enjoyed as many times as you’d like throughout your stay. It’s always worth another look as you may just notice something you missed the last time. 

Interactive Elements

Enchanted Trail

1. Light Activation Point. 
Shine a light to make the scene come alive.

2. Push Point.
Push the Doorbell to make the scene come alive.

3.7.8 Poetree Listen Point. 
Put your ear to the tree and listen.

4.6 Observation Point.
Interact and look inside to discover.

5. Interact and Observe Point.
Release the dam and watch the water create a scene.

Being a Free Range resort, naturally, we want you to be able to enjoy the sights and sounds of the Nature Trail, however, our friends over in Health & Safety (they’re nice really) have been in touch and they wanted us to make you aware of the following!

So please:

  • Enjoy the Enchanted Walk in your own time and pace.
  • Remember that the paths are outdoors so please wear suitable clothing and footwear.
  • Keep to the trail for your own safety and to protect the woodland.
  • The trail includes some uneven surfaces so take care.
  • Do not touch any lighting or electrical equipment.
  • We advise you to bring a torch.
  • Parental supervision is advised in this area.

If you’re yet to book your break to experience our Winter Lights Festival, then what are you waiting for? With room for the whole family in our luxurious self catering lodges, take a trip to Pembrokeshire and discover the magic together!  

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