Winter Snow At Bluestone

Brrrrr. Still snow around these parts, but not as bad/great as it was on Tuesday. Then, there was a bit of snow around in the morning, then the sun came out and it started melting away, and then, in the middle of the afternoon, the blizzard descended.

 Within an hour, the roads had gone from ‘fine’ to ‘horrendous’. Staff who’d headed for home found their journeys taking 20 times longer than usual, if they were lucky enough to find movement still possible, while others found homeward progress simply impossible and were forced to turn back to Bluestone.

As it turned out, 52 staff found themselves stuck. But if you’re going to be snowed in at work, there is absolutely no better place to work than Bluestone! And it’s amazing how conducive toward team bonding snow, pizza and a medicinal glass of red can be…

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