Wynne Evans Climbs Trees and Rides Bikes

Enjoying his third day here at Bluestone, Wynne Evans and his family aka Gio Compario from the famous insurance adverts fills us in on the fun and adventures that the whole family has been having – yesterday he went from Blue Lagoon swimmer to a Woodland Warrior Rambo wannabe!

This morning started with a bit of tree climbing…….Not for me but my 8 year old son – lots of tension as we all cheered every climber as he hit the top of the tree.

Then we hit the bikes….thanks to Alun and Barbara up at the bike shop for fixing my puncture, I’ve got mixed feelings about it really as it was a great excuse for Mrs. E to trot off with the kids and me go to the Tafarn – still they meant well! Thanks guys. My son is at the stage where he is just learning to ride a two wheeler, so we spend quite a lot of time going VERY slow and the rest of the time chasing a bike that’s completely out of control.

Then my daughter and wife went off with my wife on the “High Ropes” down at Steep Ravine, Mrs. E went with her to supervise and as it happened my wife was more scared than my daughter – apparently my daughter helped her through her momentary hysteria!

The boys on the other hand headed off to the Blue Lagoon for our fix of slides, flumes, lazy river and wave action as well as our daily game of the big shark chasing the little fish!

Then disaster of disasters…….the in-laws have turned up to join us for a couple of nights! We showed them around the resort and my father in-law made the mistake of showing the slightest interest in the High Ropes, so I ran to reception and I’ve booked him on it for 10:30 tomorrow – I hope he gets on better than his daughter did!

To finish the evening we went to the Tafarn for dinner, with the sun setting over the trees our delicious meal tasted even better with a few pints of the local beer – they went down very well!  Our very cheerful waitress, Daisy, managed to twist our arms into having rhubarb crumble and custard, my son was disappointed that he couldn’t have the crumble without the rhubarb bit….just a thought for the chef when redesigning the summer menu!

We went back to our lodge that we now call home for a quick game of football outside the lodge before zonking in front of the TV.  Some days at Bluestone are so full on but……..…tomorrow I intend to visit The Well Spa..….I’ll let you know what it’s like tomorrow.

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