Wynne Evans Experiences The Steep Ravine and Well Spa Retreat

In his final blog post for Bluestone Blog, Welsh tenor Wynne Evans, also known as Gio Compario from the famous comparison website TV adverts, describes a fun-packed day which included the Steep Ravine and Blue Lagoon waterpark and ended with a relaxing treatment at Bluestone’s The Well Spa Retreat.

“Well madness struck this very morning and I ended up going for a run.  The weather was gorgeous, although I think if I ever go on Gladiators my nickname might be ‘The Slug’.

“The kids went off on a Woodland Survival activity at the Steep Ravine. They started off by painting their faces with stripes, so they could ‘blend in’, and then set off into the woods for three hours via a 120 metre zip wire. Upon their return they told me they had made shelters, made a fire, made bread and had a lunch of burgers and baked potatoes at Camp Smokey. They were very excited, though they were to cool to show it too much.

“Whilst they were off doing that Mrs E went to watch her dad on the High Ropes – he lived, which was a definite bonus. So, being wife, children and in-law free I took myself to The Well Spa for a bit of relaxation.  For £25 I had the use of the salt room, two different steam rooms and saunas (one is never enough), and finished it all off in the ice room. After all of that I sat in the outdoor pool, which shot jets of water at me from all directions. It was really relaxing… so it was time to meet up with the in laws and the kids.

High Ropes at Bluestone

“Off we went to the Blue Lagoon for a final swim, slide and ducking, then off to the Adventure Centre. Around this point little Miss E did the thing that has to be done on every holiday…she lost her coat. So if anyone out at Bluestone finds a blue North Face coat can you send it onto us? Although I know the good people at Bluestone will return it if they see it.

“So as evening approached we went to the shop to get a DVD to watch and relax for our last night, and I found a classic ‘Robin Hood’ starring Kevin Costner …with the classic ‘Brian Adams track. That took me back. As it ended we headed down to the lake where the children put their lanterns to float on the lake and then sat back with a blanket wrapped around us all and we watched the fireworks, it was a great family moment and the end to a fantastic holiday.

Fireworks at Bluestone

“Tomorrow the packing begins and then we’re off home, our fist job will be to find a date to return.”

 Bluestone National Park Resort would like to thank Wynne Evans and his family for taking part in our guest blog. If you would like more information please visit www.wynneevans.co.uk and check our BBC Radio Wales from the 28th of April when Wynne will be doing a radio show from 3pm.

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