Yomping Pembrokeshire With Grace

Hi. My name is Glenn Hewer and I’m one of the Duty Managers at Bluestone. One of my main interests is walking. Funny old thing as I used to be in the Marines, but we called it yomping! Anyway, I thought I’d show you where I recently took my new back pack (called Grace).

Foel Cwmcerwyn stands at 536 metres above sea level and you get to see the whole of Pembrokeshire from the top.

The snow had all but gone except a few patches, which my wife Anna had serious doubts about crossing in case she ended up on ‘You've Been Framed’ having gone up to the waist in the mystery below. Grace, on the other hand, loved to hear the crunching beneath my boots from the safe distance above.

Although we didn’t find much snow, I did manage to star in Dancing On Ice.

Once we reached the top, the views were breathtaking and definitely worth the four-mile trek up.

Unfortunately it all got a bit much for my daughter (the ride probably was soooo comfy) that she fell asleep before the top and awoke half way back down. Maybe next time sweetie…….

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