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Medieval Music Man

South Pembrokeshire Dialect

By Simon Hancock

One of the most enduring legacies of the early history of Pembrokeshire is the extremely rich dialect. Read More

Woodcut of a Mermaid

Pembrokeshire Folklore

By Simon Hancock

Like many other counties, Pembrokeshire has a fascinating and distinctive folklore culture. Read More

Holiday checklist for families the ultimate packing guide

Packing for your big break can be daunting, especially with the children in tow. That's why we've drawn up our holiday checklist for families - the only packing guide you'll ever need! Read More

A quarter of children in cities have never seen a cow before

We're firm believers that a happy childhood involves getting outdoors and understanding nature. So we decided to highlight just how many children are missing out on the great outdoors - with some shocking results. Read More

Girls Lake 420

Counting the days to the Bluestone Summer Festival 2018

By Kathryn Slade

The Bluestone Summer Festival is just around the corner! With fun for all the family, special activities and lots more, have a look and see what's instore! Read More

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