The Summer Festival 2019

From June 3rd to September 2nd Get In The Summer Spirit

Join us in June, July and August as we celebrate the sunny season with our very own Summer Festival. 

Whether it's soaking up the sun on the beach, a picnic on rolling green hills or splashing at the Blue Lagoon Waterpark - we love everything about the summer and making magical memories. 

From June 3rd to September 1st, you can enjoy a new range of themed activities, menus at our restaurants and extra special summer events, all helping to make your break unforgettable.

Explore Summer Breaks

the big summer garden party

Every Sunday and Thursday join the Free Rangers in the Serendome for crafts, activities and entertainment at our Big Summer Garden Party. 

We'll be building up to our Greenman Parade and Festival taking place in the Serendome in the evening by creating flower crowns, jingle sticks and other exciting crafts to get you in the party spirit. 

Expect lots of laughs and fun, and would we love for you to join us and get in the summer spirit.  

Activities start at 13:30 in the Village and run until 16:15pm, meaning you have enough time to get to the Dinner Show without missing a thing! 

13:30 ~ Bubble Party 

 The Village Start the day off with some bubbly fun in the village with our Free Rangers. 

 14:00  ~ Leafy Crowns Workshop

 Make sure you're festival ready, by building your very own leafy crown to show off at the Parade and Festival. 

 14:30 ~ Story Stones

story stones creation

 At Bluestone we love telling stories and at the Story Stones workshop you create your very own magical tale 

 15:30 ~ Jingle Sticks 

Build your very own jingle stick ready to shake and rattle as you dance through the Summer Parade. 

 16:00 ~ Mystical Movement 

 It's almost time to part, so why not join our Free Rangers in a very unique movement class to celebrate the sunniest season of the year!

Summer Festival


Willow Kite Workshop 

Using special willow weaving techniques, beautiful coloured leaves and craft materials you can create a unique kite to fly. Bring it with you to our Green Man Parade that marches through the village twice a week. 

Willow Workshop -Kite

Green Man Mask  

Craft, create and transform into the Green man or your favourite animal using natural materials scavenged and collected by yourselves. Enjoy the Ceilidh tradition of our Bluestone bear dance in your masks to get you into the summer festival mood. 

Mask Making Woody Wild

Green Man Enchanted Workshop 

Let your imagination soar as you craft your very own magical little Green Man Garden in this enchanted workshop. Grab your wooden base and using a blend of natural materials such as clay, sticks, stones, moss, leaves, pine cones and other wonders of the forest. 

Secret Garden Workshop

To join us at the craft workshops this summer, simply log onto Manage Your Booking and book your place!

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the green man dinner show

The Green Man dinner show is sure to have the whole family singing, dancing and clapping along. Join Ash the Forest Ranger and Leaf in their exciting adventure to save the Green Man from the mischievous forest nymph, Element. 

The dinner show includes a mighty feast for the family to ensure you leave well fed and well entertained! 

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The fun doesn't stop there.

Straight after the show you can join the Green Man Parade that starts at the Adventure Centre and journeys to the Village for our end of break Festival.

the green butterfly

green man parade and festival

It's time to get in the summer spirit and celebrate the final night of your break at the Green Man Parade and Festival.

Green Man Parade

Adventure Centre 6:30pm

Join our Free Rangers on an all-singing, all-dancing journey through the resort every Thursday and Sunday evening. 

Bring your creations from the workshops and Big Summer Garden Party and enjoy the carnival atmosphere as our fantastic team of drummers and 11-foot Green Man lead the party.

Green Man Festival

The fun doesn't end when you get to the village. There will be entertainment, live music and games to enjoy with your family. Join in with the fun or have a relaxing drink at the Tavern as you soak up the atmosphere.

Summer 2018

Endless days of sunshine and glorious weather - Summer 2018 was a legendary season and we can't wait to do it all again this year.

Here's just some of the pictures taken by guests during their summer breaks.

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