The Christmasland Spectacular

The Little Merelf

After the Prince was the apple of Snow White's eye last year, this Christmas we'll be bringing you the magical tale of the Little MerElf - the story of the Little Mermaid with an Elfish twist. 

It's time to hold your breath and dive straight in, as you are invited to the kingdom below the waves, where Ari-elf and all her fishy friends are ready for a Christmas adventure like no other.

In this wet and wonderful world you'll encounter larger-than-life characters, songs you can't stop singing and be taken on a magical journey with our flipping fantastic heroine. 

the little merelf christmas spectacular

Arielf Merelf Christmasland Show

the merelf christmasland show

Serendome Spectacular

The Little Merelf is the first of Bluestone's Spectaculars that will be held in the Serendome's Cloud Amphitheatre.

christmas spectacular little merelf

christmasland spectacular merelf

The outdoor 400-seat Ampitheatre will transform this year's show and make it like no other experience. We'll be lighting up the dome with festive cheer and more than a few elf-ish surprises throughout the Christmasland experience.

the little merelf christmas show

the little merelf christmas spectacular

If you want to join us, book your seat now!



The Cloud Amphitheatre is an outdoor venue so please wear warm clothing. 

While the roof will protect from the some of the weather, it does feel like you're outside so feel free to bring blankets to snuggle up together.