The Elves' Christmas Show Presents: 

The Little Mermaid

After the Prince was the apple of Snow White's eye last year, this Christmas we'll be bringing you the magical tale of the Little Mermaid - with an Elfish twist.

It's time to hold your breath and dive straight in, as you are invited to the kingdom below the waves, where Ari-elf and all her fishy friends are ready for a Christmas adventure like no other.

In this wet and wonderful world you'll encounter larger-than-life characters, songs you can't stop singing and be taken on a magical journey with our flipping fantastic heroine. 

Serendome Takeover

This year's show will be taking place in our brand new Amphitheatre in the Serendome, so get set for a spectacular show like no other. We'll be lighting up the dome with festive cheer and more than a few Elf surprises.

If you want to join us, book your seat now!