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Safety Measures: Arrival and Departure Guide

We're now cashless! Please remember Bluestone now only accepts card transactions in shops and restaurants.


We've made some changes to the resort to make the arrival and departure process a little easier. Find out what you need to be aware of for your stay with us.


Preparing For Your Stay



Before you arrive, the lead booker must enter all check-in information for your group into your online profile. This includes submitting your car registration number(s), providing details of all guests including food intolerances/allergies, and any additional information we should be aware of.

With all pre-registration information completed before you arrive, it will make the arrivals process much quicker and easier. It must also be completed to book activities and make reservations. Please remember to add your mobile number to receive the Digital Welcome Pack on arrival.

To do this, simply log into your booking and navigate to "My Account", where you’ll be prompted to enter the details on the homepage.




Plan Your Stay

Head to the Plan Your Stay section of our website to find out about all the exciting things you can do at the resort. We recommend booking all activities ahead of your arrival to avoid disappointment. For more information about restrictions relating to Covid-19, head to our Coronavirus page.


Buggy Hire Validation

If you have hired a Bluestone Buggy for your break, you will need to validate your licence before your arrival, by completing our simple online form. This allows us to check you have a valid UK driving licence before you arrive, making the pick-up process easier.

When collecting your Buggy all you'll need is your lodge key card and driving licence please following health and safety measures put in place at Bike and Buggy Hire.




How do you feel?

Before setting out for your break please ensure everyone in your party feels well and isn't showing symptoms related to Coronavirus. If they are, they could be denied entry to the resort.

You can check symptoms by visiting the NHS's official website or contacting their helpline.

If you have to cancel your booking due to illness, you will be covered by our Coronavirus Booking Guarantee.



Arriving At Bluestone


When you arrive, the check-in process will be quick and simple. Check-in time for lodges are unchanged and should be clearly visible on your booking. We've also replaced our usual paper welcome pack, with a new digital format. 


Digital Welcome Pack

Once checked-in at the Arrivals Lodge you will receive a text message with a link to our new Digital Welcome Pack. The handy Digital Welcome Pack will provide you with all the information and help you need to get your break off to a flying start, these include:


- Directions to your lodge

- Details of arrival/departure

- What’s open, activities, and adventure suggestions

- Guidance to health and safety measures (COVID-19 related)

- The steps for checking out of your loge when it's time to head home



The Digital Welcome Pack text will be sent to the phone number entered on your pre-registration information. Don't worry if you forget to enter one though, as our Guest Services team will check we have one for you when you arrive and if not, will ask the best number for it to be sent to.



Guests will still be able to arrive at the resort from 11 am on arrival day and stay until 3 pm on departure day. This, as with all our measures, will be monitored and may be subject to change. Depending on what accommodation type you’ve booked, you will either be allowed access to your lodge after 3 pm or 4:30 pm. If you’re not sure, the team at the Arrivals Lodge will let you know.


Help During Your Stay

For any issues you have when staying with us, please get in touch with Guest Services. You can contact them via the number on your keycard or by visiting one of the Guest Services outlets. You can find more information in your Digital Welcome Pack, which you will receive on arrival.


Leaving Bluestone


We’ll be sad to see you go, but even the best breaks have to come to an end!


Accommodation Check-Out

Check-out time is strictly by 10 am, late departure times are not available due to the enhanced cleaning processes in place. If you vacate your accommodation after 10 am, you may incur a late departure charge. When you are ready to leave your accommodation on check-out day, we request that you help us with the following:

- Please place all dirty items of crockery, cutlery, and glassware into the dishwasher before your departure. When it's all in, please start the dishwasher on the glass wash setting.


Leaving Resort

Then all you have to do is return your keycard by dropping it into the box at the departure gate, next to the Arrivals Lodge, on your way out. 

It’s quick and easy, you don’t even have to get out of the car, perfect!


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