Portfield School and Bluestone get nesting together

By Abigail Wye Portfield 2020 620

The birds at Bluestone National Park Resort are set to get snazzy new homes, thanks to Portfield School Haverfordwest.

The initiative is part of National Nest Box Week, which puts the spotlight on breeding birds and asks everyone to put up more nest boxes in their local area. 

Last Thursday (13 February) 24 pupils from Portfield School worked with Bluestone’s Ranger Rob to build nest boxes for different types of small native birds.

Each box is numbered so the children will learn which birds nested in their boxes. Working with local ecologists, Bluestone will survey all the boxes to reveal more about the amazing wildlife on the resort - and across Pembrokeshire.

The local school pupils have used scrap wood from Bluestone to make the nest boxes, helping on Bluestone’s mission to up-cycle and reuse as much as possible.

With gardens and parks becoming neater and tidier, many nooks and crannies for birds to nest in have been lost. Checkout nestboxweek.com to see how you can help wildlife thrive in your own gardens and workplaces.

Speaking during the afternoon, Mrs Philipps-Waring from Portfield school said, “We are delighted to be involved in this initiative again this year. The pupils had a brilliant time making the bird boxes and working with Rob the Bluestone Ranger. The children are really looking forward following which local birds nest in their boxes.”

Marten Lewis, Head of Corporate Responsibility at Bluestone added: “The 500 acres at Bluestone is home to many species of birds, from House Sparrows to Red Kites, we even have a family of Barn Owls too. We were looking at ways of encouraging more birds to make their nests at the resort and thanks to the pupils at Portfield School we now have 24 new bird boxes to provide the perfect homes”

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