The Steep Ravine Challenge

The last few months has meant many businesses have faced tougher and tougher challenges and changing environments. This can lead to fragmented teams and poor communication. Getting 110% from your team is crucial in today's environment and team building is a vital tool to re-engage and re-invigorate your workforce.
Really building and developing a team means giving your staff the opportunity to display their finer qualities; the attributes and traits that they may not get the chance to show in the work environment. Take your staff out of their comfort zone and present them with the kind of challenges that will force them to look deep within themselves, and each other. That’s when you’ll see camaraderie bloom. That’s when you’ll see emerge the mutual respect that forms of the backbone of any great team. Bluestone, the national park resort in Pembrokeshire, has unveiled a new line-up of team building packages featuring The Steep Ravine Challenge:

• Woodland Warriors, an exhilarating team combat game using high-tech guns which fire beams of infra-red light, so no pain.

• Two mettle-testing high ropes courses, each with 300-foot zip wires and obstacles to negotiate 60 foot above the woodland floor

• Bushcraft, involving fire-making, foraging and shelter-making

• Country Pursuits - Hawk walking, Archery, Laser Clay Shooting

Bluestone’s Sales Manager, Sharon Adams, says: “Our team building exercises are designed to be challenging, and to draw out qualities people never knew they or other team members were capable of achieving. Our team building facilitators will work with you to design a program to meet your specific goals and budget.

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