Coasteering is an adventurous sport pioneered in Pembrokeshire where it has become a popular activity enjoyed by tourists and locals alike.

Coasteering can be described as ‘exploring and journeying through the impact zone between the levels of high and low, often including total immersion in seawater. Walk, scramble, climb, swim and cliff jump your way around the best of Pembrokeshire’s rocky coastline in the company of friends, family or like-minded adventurers’.

Coasteering was pioneered in Pembrokeshire 30 years ago by TYF Adventure, who describe coasteering as ‘everything you were told as a child not to do, such as swimming in rough water, jumping off rocks and climbing cliffs’.

It is recommended that you use a qualified coasteering company to go out with, with trained and experienced experts, offering challenging, exciting sessions which will give you an adrenalin rush. The National Coasteering Charter is the advisory organisation for coasteering in the UK:

TYF are based in the centre of Britain’s smallest city: St Davids where Coasteering was developed. The Pembrokeshire coast provides the perfect playground for the sport, which enables participants to explore every creek, cove, cave, cliff, rock and beach along a chosen route, seeing and enjoying the coast and its wildlife from an entirely different perspective. It gives coasteerers a seal’s-eye view of inaccessible places which otherwise can only be seen by boat.

Coasteering in Pembrokeshire 

TYF’s adventure sessions last approximately 3.5 hours. After an introductory briefing participants change into a wetsuit, trainers, buoyancy aid, helmet, gloves and other safety equipment before taking a short minibus ride to the chosen venue.

No experience is required to start learning and the minimum age is eight. Participants can go out in adult or family groups or, if visiting alone, are grouped with people of their own age and ability. Spectators are welcome to watch some of the route, there is restricted viewing by the very nature of the terrain.

TYF is open 7 days a week, year round and can be found on

Activities start from TYF’s Activity HQ and ethical retail shop on 1 High Street, St Davids SA62 6SA. The team can be reached on or 01437 721611.

Please quote that you are staying at Bluestone when booking.

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Other providers are also available in Pembrokeshire and elsewhere. Their leaflets and flyers can be picked up at all Information Centre’s and most libraries and in many community halls, shops, and supermarkets.

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