Kayaking is a sport to which the beautiful Pembrokeshire inland waterways and coast, rich in history, spectacular in scenic beauty and wealthy in wildlife, lends itself perfectly.

Kayaking and canoeing open up the exciting opportunity of exploring the caves, coves, stacks, islands and reefs around the coast and the hundreds of secret places in the estuaries of the county, where coal-mining, quarrying, fishing, lime-burning, boat building and other industries have left their impact.

Kayaking allows participants to get up close and personal with seals and seabirds and into places they would never normally see.

It is vital to get the necessary training and experience and to go in groups rather than alone. It is also necessary to learn the Marine Code to ensure no disruption or harm is caused to wildlife, particularly nesting seabirds and calving seals.

For experienced sea kayakers there are extended trips along the coast and out to the islands. Kayak and canoe tuition by expert instructors and the hire of craft and equipment are available at various centres throughout the county.

The experts at TYF say that sea kayaking in Pembrokeshire is as good as anything in the world, with a combination of sheltered coves and creeks, surf beaches, cliffs, islands and tide races that are hard to find anywhere else on the planet.

Kayaking in Pembrokeshire

The Pembrokeshire coastline is protected and is rich in opportunities for adventures at any level with stunning rock formations and vibrant wildlife. On some trips you might get to see porpoise and dolphins.

Whilst the Pembrokeshire Coast Path can take you around the top of cliffs, it’s only from the sea that you’ll get to experience the best caves, arches and views of the edge of Wales.

TYF have an extensive range of sit on top kayaks that are perfect for beginners and sunny days, surf and white water kayaks for frothy play, and sea kayaks for longer journeys or multi-day expeditions.

TYF’s Classic Kayak half day sessions are a perfect introduction to this varied sport that teaches the essentials of kayaking, using a harbour session and a short journey (weather permitting) to learn launching and landing, basic strokes, turning, efficient forward paddling, capsize drill and safety at sea.

TYF is open 7 days a week, year round and can be found on www.TYF.com.

Activities start from TYF’s Activity HQ and ethical retail shop on 1 High Street, St Davids SA62 6SA.

The team can be reached on play@tyf.com or 01437 721611.

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