Legends Trail Guided Tour

All Ages
Adult required
1 hr Session

Explore our ancient woodland trail with our resident historian, as you’re taken through tales of mystery, fantasy, and legend!

Steeped in myth and magic, Welsh legends emerge as you explore our Legends Trail Guided Tour. Starting at the Village Buggy Park, the gnarled, wooden visage of Myrddin Emrys stands arms outstretched, in the direction of the start of the trail. Tasked by the lady-of-the-lake to forever stand watch, guiding curious explorers toward the beginning of their journey.

From there you’ll set foot along the trail, taking with you your map and question sheet provided, discovering the magic it has to offer. Finding the twinkling sounds of the Oakestra and the Guardians of the Forest themselves.

Emerging from the trees you’ll come to the bridge to Camp Smokey, where Barti Ddu and tales of the Golden Age of piracy await, and with something even more mysteriously mythical awaiting on the other side…

Finally, you’ll arrive at Camp Smokey, where you’ll learn about the tale of Y Ddraig Goch, and how the mighty red dragon came to be. Here you can relax and listen to more tales from our historian, exchange your question sheet for your legends shield, and dip your feet in the Well of Eternal Youth found at the end of the trail.