Myths and Legends Workshop

All Ages
Adult required
1 hr Session
It's the season of legends and it's time to play!

Become a legend in this masterclass of up-cycling, as you work with materials to create wonderful costumes and creations inspired by our Myths and Legends Festival. What will you become? A knight of the round table ready to join the bluestone knights, a Celtic King or Queen, a fearsome pirate like the great Barti ddu? We'll help you transform into a legendary hero as you put your craft skills to work.

Bring your imagination, your energy, and your most crafty-minded adult! 


COVID-19: Due to Welsh Government restrictions this activity is *currently* not available at the resort. For an up-to-date list of what's available right now, check our reopening information, or contact us directly.

The essentials


This activity is a guided workshop, taking place in Serendome's Imagination Garden.

Enhanced Health and Safety
This activity has been reimagined and changed to fit within our new enhanced health and safety measures, without compromising on the Free Range fun, this includes: 
  • Toilets nearby for pre-session handwashing and advised at completion. 
  • Hand sanitiser available on entry to Serendome and throughout the session.
  • Briefing on social distancing and social distancing maintained throughout the session.
  • An entertainer-led session with verbal communication from a distance. 
Accompanied by an adult

Children need to be supervised, but adults don't need to pay - unless they want to make a craft creation of their own. Otherwise, they are welcome to help their child make their craft as wonderful as possible!

Age group

All children are welcome to join in the activity, but it would most appeal to children between age 3 and 8.