Pirates of the Blue Lagoon

All Ages
2 hrs Session
Blue Lagoon Water Park

Available during our Myths and Legends (March 24th - 20th July 2023) 

High-sea antics return to the Blue Lagoon at our Myths and Legends festival. Become a swashbuckling buccaneer and dive into all the pirate games and fun to be had!

From competing against other buccaneers in a game of Cannonball Volley, our aquatic take on volleyball, to finding your sea legs as you Walk the Plank, there’ll be plenty to test your mettle as an aspiring seadog!

You’re not alone however, pirates will man the water pistols throughout the experience. And, lurking in the briny deep, the legendary Kraken will make its presence felt, sending waves pulsing through the Lagoon!

So, to all you boisterous Bluestone Buccaneers, we’ll see you on deck at the Pirates of the Blue Lagoon.

(Tuesday, Wednesday & Saturdays 3pm - 5pm)


Need to know


Taking place at the Blue Lagoon, our waterpark is transformed into a pirate paradise.