Tafl Games

All Ages
Adult required
1 hr Session

Available during our Myths and Legends (March 24th - 20th July 2023) 

Let the games begin!

A band of roaming pirates are trying to take over Bluestone! Black Bart and his motley crew of boisterous buccaneers are attempting to invade the Green, and we need your help to fend them off!

The Pirates will head down to the Green at random intervals over the course of your break. It’s then up to you to drive them off by competing against them in the Tafl Games!

With Barrell Rolling, Hay Toss, Tug of War and much more, you’ll be competing to see off these dastardly invaders! Answer the call and send those pesky pirates back to their ship with their tales between their legs!

And don’t forget, there’ll be a chance to snap a victorious photo with your defeated foes at the end of the session. 

For Tafl Games timings, check your Digital Welcome Pack on arrival or the signs on the Village Green! 


*Please note this complimentary activity only takes place during Myths and Legends Festival breaks*

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